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Today we are excited to introduce the spectacular water dragon, Bubbles to the panel, who will be discussing what life is like being Lizzy’s pet. Thanks for joining us today, Bubbles! 😊 🌈 💦 🐉

Firstly, can you explain to us where you came from? Are you the only one of your kind? How did you come to be in Lizzy’s garden?

Thank you for having me. I hatched in Lizzy’s shed, so I’ve always been here… there aren’t any other dragons around here. Maybe we need to go and find some…

How did you feel when you cracked from your shell and saw Lizzy staring back at you? Was she what you were expecting?

I remember a bright light, a smiling face, lots of yummy grass, and a box. I don’t remember much more about my birth. I remember much more about Lizzy taking care of me in her bedroom and trying to squeeze into her cupboard to hide from her brother! I’m so glad she found me my cave to live.

What were your thoughts when Lizzy first rode on your back? Did you understand her intentions to save the community from drought, and then fire? Or did your actions come from natural instinct?

I love it when Lizzy rides on my back. It was a bit strange the first time, but it seemed completely natural to me. When there is fire, you put it out with water, so I understood what was happening with putting out the fire, although I hadn’t thought of filling up dams until Lizzy suggested it, then I had fun flying about at night and filling up dams in the area.

Will you continue to help with fire and rescue situations in the future, or are you happy to simply be Lizzy’s pet?

For now, I’m happy in my cave and playing with Lizzy, but I’m always happy to help when needed.

What do you enjoy most about being a water dragon?

I love spraying water in the air and seeing the sun make rainbows in the water drops.

I think you might inspire your readers to want a pet dragon of their own. What are your tips on caring for a creature like you?

Learn as much as you can about your dragon, especially what they like to eat. I like eating all sorts of grass. Also, give your dragon plenty of space to play. There are lots of different sorts of dragons out there and we’re not all the same!

Please let us know where we can find out more about you and your author. We’d love to come by and visit!

You can visit Melissa’s website at www.melissagijsbers.com – there will be more information about me there soon too!

Thank you for answering our questions, Bubbles! Hope you found them bubblicious! 🙂 💦

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