Character Q and A: Interview with The Scared Book

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Today we are thrilled (haha!) to introduce the one and only, The Scared Book to the panel, who will be discussing some highly personal and spine-tingling topics. Thanks for joining us! 😱 😜 👹

Dear Scared Book,
I understand you have a fear of monsters. Where and when did this stem? Is this your biggest fear? What else are you scared of?

I am very scared of monsters! It comes from watching a scary movie which gave me nightmares.

But my secret, biggest fear is that no-one will like me.

Which monster gives you the most heebie geebies? Why?

The teeny-weeny ones because they can turn up anywhere! They are also very irritating and uncomfortable – I imagine it feels feels like people having a tiny stone in their shoe.

Does it hurt to have strange claws, gnashing teeth and long tails protruding from your spine? Can you describe how that feels?

It’s really uncomfortable and feels spiky and scratchy and sometimes unbearably ticklish! But the worst thing is that it makes me feel very Vulnerable because I don’t have arms and fingers to scratch them and swipe them away and I have to rely on people to do it for me. I’m pretty defenceless by myself!

What would you do if your reader was just as scared as you? How would you deal with those monsters then? Do you have any tips for calming the nerves?

I’d distract myself by trying to tell myself a different story and hoping that will disappear the monsters. But I’d like to tell the reader to be brave and that monsters are scared of people who are brave. If they have similar symptoms to me like butterflies in tummies, the actions I suggest to help me will help them to calm down and be able to ward off the monsters too – like taking deep tummy breaths to blow away butterflies and tracing the spiral to calm down.

I think many of your readers might think you were a β€˜funny’ book! How do you feel about that? What do you hope they will gain from reading you?

When you’re scared its hard to see yourself as funny. But sometimes what one person thinks is scary, another thinks is funny. So they might think the monsters are funny – or worse still, that they are cute and my fear of them is funny! But when you’re scared you sometimes make things out to be scarier than they really are, I guess.

Laughter is a good cure for being scared too! So that helps me and them! Plus, I hope in helping me my readers get ideas to manage their own fears.

When will you be making your grand appearance? Why did you choose this time of year? Tell us more about your big party plans!

My grand appearance is on the 29th August. I wanted to be here before that really scary time of year – Halloween.

I’m having a big party on the 2nd of September at 2pm at The Children’s Bookshop, Beecroft, NSW. There’ll be fun and games and cake, and of course you’ll have a chance to read me and help me.

If you want a chance to win me, you could draw or make you own monster, tell me it’s name and what it likes and send a photo of it to my author – details here:

Please let us know where we can find out more about you and your author. We’d love to come by and visit!

Debra can be found at

Thank you for answering our not-so-scary questions! 👍

Thanks! It was painless πŸ™‚

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This book is too scared to tell you its story because there are MONSTERS! Can you help?

It needs you to RUB away its goosebumps, FLICK away the monsters and FAN away the yucky smell they have left behind.

A FUNNY and QUIRKY interactive story.

The Scared Book, Debra Tidball (author), Kim Siew (illus.), Lothian Children’s Books, August 2017


30 thoughts on “Character Q and A: Interview with The Scared Book

  1. Katrina McKelvey says:

    β€œWhat gives you goosebumps, spine tingles or butterflies in your tummy?” Hearing people chew their food gives me goosebumps, spine tingles AND butterflies in my tummy – yes, I get all three when I hear this – ewwwww! #thescaredpitch

    Great interview. I love the concept of interviewing the book. Very entertaining!

  2. Kaye Baillie says:

    I love those sneak peaks of spreads. I get butterflies when I have to talk in front of people. Eeek. #thescaredpitch

  3. Zoe Gaetjens says:

    Dear Scared Book,
    We can’t wait to party with you on the 2nd!
    My son tells me (generally in the middle of the night) that he is scared of cockroaches with fangs. They sound creepy to me too, do you think you would be afraid of them?
    Best wishes,

  4. Rachel Noble says:

    Fantastic book! I’ll be buying for my little boy! I get butterflies, goosebumps and tingles when I’m up high! Not a fan of Ferris wheels! #thescaredpitch

  5. Gemma says:

    Loved the interview with the book!

    β€œWhat gives you goosebumps, spine tingles or butterflies in your tummy?” When there is a sudden cool air flow in a room for no apparent reason! Spine-chilling! Brrrr!!!! #thescaredpitch

  6. Renee Price says:

    Being home alone in the deep, dark night sends shivers down my spine and goosebumps all over my skin!
    My six-year-old says, ‘Going out on stage when there are heaps of people watching, gives me butterflies in my tummy!’ #thescaredpitch

  7. Brook Tayla says:

    I get butterflies at airports when I go on trips because I get a bit nervous getting on panes but I also get butterflies if I’m picking someone up at an airport in anticipation of seeing someone I love arriving #thescaredpitch

  8. Megan Higginson says:

    I love ‘taking deep tummy breaths to blow away butterflies and tracing the spiral to calm down. ‘ And I also love the whole concept of a book being scared and asking for help to calm down. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Congrats to you, Debra and Kim. #thescaredpitch

  9. Carly Taylor says:

    What gives me goosebumps? Figuring out what my one year old meant by ‘pida, pida’ as he handed my Mum a red back spider. Eeek!

    You’re a very funny book. Very innovative interview. #thescaredpitch

  10. Kirsten Ealand says:

    Anything to do with heights gives me butterflies (especially taking off in an aeroplane) and I use slow breathing into my tummy to make me feel calmer. Really looking forward to getting inspired by your new book Debra. #thescaredpitch

  11. Catherine Morgans says:

    I just loved this interview Debra, very unique.

    I get goosebumps, spine tingles and butterflies (madly flying around) when I watch a scary movie and the music gradually becomes more and more dramatic, and the suspense builds so much that you can’t help but hold your breath and grab the person next to you. #thescaredpitch

  12. kelliejanebyrnes says:

    What a fun, and funny, interview – loved it! As for what gives me goosebumps and spine tingles – when I hear people crushing ice with their teeth. Eek! Makes my teeth ache too, just listening to the noise. Definitely not a fan! πŸ™‚ #thescaredpitch

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