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It’s an honour to have Malik the monkey swing on by to chat with us about his journey of becoming a dancer in the jungle! 🐒

Nice to meet you, Malik, and thanks for joining us today!

Thanks for having me!

Where do you think you get your passion for dancing? Why did you not try to dance before setting your eyes on those flamingos?

I think I was born with it! I’ve always felt like I wanted to move and groove but it wasn’t until I saw the flamingos in action that I understood why. The flamingos showed me that dancing could be a bigger part of my life.

How did you feel at first when your legs had a mind of their own? Did you ever want to give up? What made you so determined to get it right, particularly when the other monkeys mocked you?

I felt frustrated and thought that maybe the other monkeys were right – perhaps monkeys just weren’t supposed to dance. That would explain why I just couldn’t get it right. But even though I wasn’t very good, I still loved it! I did consider giving up but my mum told me that I could do whatever made me happy and so I decided to stick with it. And I’m so glad I did!

What kinds of feelings flow through your body when you dance? How is this different to sweeping through the trees?

I feel like I’m floating on air, in my own little world – but mostly I just feel happy. Perhaps the other monkeys feel this way when they sweep through the trees? I don’t mind swinging from the trees, but it doesn’t bring me the same joy as dancing does.

What do you like most about the flamingos and their way of dancing? Is ballét your favourite style, or do you enjoy all kinds of dance?

I like all kinds of dancing, but ballet is my favourite. I love the twirls and the whirls – it’s like all my feelings come alive through dancing!

Being the star in front of the King of the Jungle and the lion pride must have been an exhilarating moment for you. What do you hope your audience will gain from reading your story and sharing in your success? What tips can you provide for those hesitant to try something new or different?

I hope that those reading my story realise that there is no right or wrong when it comes to doing what you love. If it makes you happy, do it! As long as you’re not hurting anyone else of course! Regardless of whether you’re any good or what others think, just be yourself, it’s the only way to truly be happy. Those who love you will always be happy for you. As for tips, my biggest one would be, just give it a go. If others are giving you a hard time, talk to someone you can trust about your feelings, sometimes a little bit of encouragement can go a long way.

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Thank you for bounding through our questions, Malik! It’s been whirlwind of fun! 🙂

Thank you!!


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