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Today’s interview is a special one! We are talking with the young boy, Ad, from Feathers, who shares his inner thoughts and feelings with us on his grief and coping strategies to deal with the loss of his Mum. Thanks for being so open with us, Ad! 

It’s a pleasure to talk with you today, Ad!


How were you feeling that day when you were out with your Dad and you noticed the feathers in the air?


What is it about feathers that makes you feel special, safe, and loved?


Do you think there’s a trick to catching feathers?


What were your first thoughts when you found your wish feather?


What was the best thing about the sparkly, starry dream you had with your Mum?



In what other ways do you remember your Mum? What other things do you do to help feelings of sadness turn into happier ones?


Where do you think your author, Karen Hendriks, got the idea to write a character like you?


What do you think of how the illustrator, Kim Fleming, has portrayed you in the book?


We can see lots of different types of feathers in your book. Do you have a favourite, or a favourite kind of bird?

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