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What a super thrill to have the opportunity to speak with the awesome Juno Jones Word Ninja herself right here on our blog! Let’s find out all about the FAMOUS Juno…

Quick Personality Profile-

Full Name: Juno Julia Jones.

Nickname: Futoshi has a nickname for me. But it’s a secret. Because it is also my NINJA SPY PSEUDONYM. PS I only just learned what a pseudonym is. It’s a SECRET NAME THAT IS NOT YOUR ACTUAL NAME. Can you keep a secret? Really? Okay, I’ll tell you if you COMPLETELY PROMISE.

Jupiter Stealth.

Sshh …. *creeps away, ninja-like*


Likes: My friends, being a ninja … *whispers* books.

Dislikes: *SHOUTS* BOOKS! I don’t like books at all. Even a little bit. Nope. Also, Smelly Bella. She is the worst.

Favourite Word/s: Sesquipedalian. It means “given to using long words.”

I’m really good at… being awesome

I need to improve… nothing. I am awesome. And also, very modest. I … maybe *could* be nicer to Genius George, sometimes … but he is VERY annoying and always tells our parents when I’m fighting villains on top of the Good Couch, so he deserves it.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Once, I was lying in wait, about to POUNCE ON THE EVIL ZOMBIE VILLAIN. And the evil zombie villain was moving so slowly that I got bored and fell asleep and Futoshi had to defeat the zombie villain for me. He still hasn’t let me forget about that one. Ugh.

Most Unusual Thing About Me: I can see the Alien Lizard Men for what they are. Nobody else can see it. WHY CAN NOBODY ELSE SEE IT? Also, I really like turnips. I think they are delicious and also very high in calcium, for strong bones – which you need to be extremely strong and speedy – and half your daily vitamin C. Which you need so you don’t get a cold and sneeze when you’re trying to be sneaky. Turnips are great.

Juno, how does it feel to finally have your very own book (about yourself) out in the world?

Well, it was always inevitable that I would become famous. I thought it would be for being the actual best ninja in the world. I’m as surprised as Perfect Paloma that I’m now famous for writing books. But I’m also very happy that I’m famous for writing books, because it makes Perfect Paloma super angry and jealous (HaHA!).

What do you really want your dear readers to understand about your story?

Hmm. That’s a tough one. Well, firstly, never try and take on a killer mermaid unless you are a completely epic ninja, like me. Also … just because you think you are one thing and DEFINITELY NOT ANOTHER THING, it doesn’t mean you can’t secretly be that other thing. And maybe you only THOUGHT you weren’t that other thing because you never READ THE BOOK THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY MEANT FOR YOU AND SWITCHED A LIGHT ON IN YOUR SOUL, AND … *coughs* *Note to editor*: Can you please cut out that last bit, where I mention books? I am definitely not talking about books. I am talking about … turnips. Definitely turnips.

What is it about reading books don’t you like? Was there a particular book or aspect of reading that surprised you (in a good way) when challenged with the reading task?

I don’t like books because they are boring and only people like Genius George like books. I was surprised that … some books are a tiny bit less boring than other books. *coughs*

What was the biggest thing you learned about being an author? How do you think you’ll improve your writing even further?

My writing is already very awesome. The only way I could make it better is by defeating the Alien Lizard Men, so I would have more awesome stuff to write about. The biggest thing I have learned is … sometimes you need to read other books, to make your books better. Because if you don’t read books, you’ll never know how to write books that are completely awesome. Which is horrible, obviously.

A couple of your classmates, like Smelly Bella and Perfect Paloma sometimes rub you the wrong way; not showing great friendship or teamwork qualities. What strategies would you give readers in similar situations?

Not everybody is going to be your friend. And that’s FINE. If everyone was your friend, you’d have to invite 7.53 billion people to your birthday party and your parents could never afford that much cake and the play centre would NOT be happy. If someone is mean to you, tell your parents and your teacher because it’s their job to help you with that. If someone just doesn’t want to be your friend, it just means their awesome does not align with your awesome and you should find someone whose awesome aligns with yours. Which also means more cake on your birthday. WIN.

And what tips would you give readers who also really detest reading? 

I mean, obviously reading is TERRIBLE, so I completely understand, but …


If I absolutely *had* to give a tip …


There are books out there for every kind of person. SERIOUSLY. Think about what you like! Is it dinosaurs? Or Lego? Or Pokémon? Or even non-warrior-ninja princesses who actually LIKE those huge skirts? THERE IS A BOOK ABOUT THAT. Ask your librarian. She will probably know what it is. Librarians have secret superpowers.


But obviously, reading is terrible, so don’t do that.

Do you really fight zombies, vampires and evil killer mermaids? How often do you need your ninja warrior skills, and why are they important to you?

Yes. Every day. They are important because without them I would not be able to defeat the villains. Obviously.

Final Fun Question! If you could put yourself in any classic storybook, what would it be and why?

The Little Mermaid. I would tell that mermaid that she should ABSOLUTELY NOT give up her tail for a boring old PRINCE and she should instead continue being a mermaid and we could train together to turn her into a NINJA mermaid and we could fight all the killer mermaids together. That would be awesome.

Oh, and also, can you reveal any big secrets for your upcoming instalments in the ‘Juno Jones Word Ninja’ series?

Of course not.

I am a ninja.

I never reveal my secrets.

Apart from … there will be a BUNCH more epic, some completely terrifying and spine-tingling mysteries, and … a gnu. At least one gnu, definitely.

Thank you for such a fun interview, Juno! 🙂


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