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What a pleasure to introduce a new friend from Max Booth’s future world, fellow Skyburb 7 Home escapee, Lily Mareeba! Enjoy our interview with this sassy, loyal character about her adventures in the latest title, Max Booth: Map Trap.

Hi Lily! It’s great to meet you! Thanks for joining us.

Nice to meet you too. I always love chatting with people from the distant past. They say such cute things!

So, you and Max Booth go way back when you were both residents of the Skyburb 7 Home for Unclaimed Urchins. What was your relationship like then?

Well, to be honest, I kinda thought Max was a bit of a geek. He was always studying history and trying to find out about ancient gadgets, even when we were much younger. I wouldn’t say we were friends back then, but he was always kind to me. And now that we’ve worked together to catch some thieves, I think he’s quite awesome. But don’t tell him I said that.

What has your journey been like, with entering the Home, up until now, living in Binglewood as an escapee?

I was sent to the Home when I was 7. Until then I was living with my Gran, but she got sick and couldn’t look after me any more. The Home told her I’d be happy and well fed, but I really didn’t like it. They just wanted to turn us into workers at a young age, doing dangerous jobs that no one else would ever want to do. So, nearly three years ago I snuck out in the back of a maintenance van-copter and never went back, even though they’ve been doing their best to find me ever since. Here in Binglewood I’ve been living in an attic above an old library, and surviving by selling old books. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s a billion times better than being in the Home. I think Max might agree with me!

What kinds of incidents have you been involved in to avoid being recaptured by Captain Selby? How are you able to outsmart him and his cronies?

Even though Binglewood’s a long way from Bluggsville, I’ve bumped into Selby several times – and after my adventure with Max and Oscar, I now know why! I’ve never had much trouble outsmarting him and his cronies because – how to put this kindly? – they aren’t exactly the smartest people on Earth! There was one very close encounter though. Last year Selby and I tripped over each other at the milkshake-arium, and all I could do was run like a hyper-hound!

How did you feel being reunited with Max, and his robo-dog Oscar? Do you enjoy the life of fighting crime and solving mysteries?

I didn’t really let on at the time, but I was over the moon to see Max again, and to meet Oscar. It had been nearly three years since I’d had the chance to hang out with anyone my own age – particularly someone like Max, who understands what I’ve been through and knows why I had to escape the Home too. And yup, I think I’ve discovered a taste and talent for crime-fighting. Maybe one day I’ll work as a double-agent and lock up the entire Recapture Squad!

What did you think of the 21st century ‘Holo-sculp’ and GPS unit forms of technology?

The Holo-sculp was a fun idea. I suppose it would’ve been a buzz back in the 21st century, seeing long-dead people in 3D! If I had my way, though, it’d feature some more exciting people  – how about Dustin Greeber or Smiley Gyrus?

As for GPS, it’s really weird to think that back in the 21st century, people had to find their way around with the help of satellites in space! I’m relieved we’ve got much better navigation now, thanks to the incredible Splinternet!

What’s your favourite piece of ‘modern-day’ technology that you own or wish to own?

You know what? More than anything, I’d love a robo-pet for company. Seeing Max with Oscar made me realise how helpful a pet like Oscar would be, and how good it would be to have a friend I really can trust. It’s hard work surviving on my own,

Do you think you’ll keep in touch with Max? Will we see you join him and Oscar on more adventures?

When Max and Oscar flew off, I really didn’t think I’d see them again. But I know where they live now, and I think we make a pretty good team, so who knows – maybe I’ll pay them a visit someday and see if they need any extra brainpower!

What else would you like your readers to know about you?

In a few years, when I’m too old to be dragged back to the Home, I’m going to invent the first working time machine so we can go back and see what life was really like in the 2020s. People were allowed to have real dogs as pets back then – I want to pat one!

Thanks for answering all of our questions, Lily! It’s been a pleasure! 😊

Thanks for talking to me too. It’s always fun to chat with people who haven’t existed for 4 centuries!

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