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What an absolute delight to welcome Frankie from Cloud Conductor to share her dreams, inspirations and wishes with the world! Thanks, Frankie! ☁️😇☁️

Hello dear Frankie,
Thank you for talking with us today. Hope you’re feeling well.
I understand you love to daydream and conduct symphonies with clouds in your mind. When did you begin to do this and why do you think it came about?

I have loved looking at the clouds for as long as I can remember. My dog and I particularly like to lie on the grass together looking at the sky. I’ve always found it fun using my imagination to come up with inventions, games, and stories, so I guess seeing and hearing things in the clouds is just another part of that. It’s good fun – you should try it! I don’t think adults do it anywhere near enough. They seem to want to be so serious all the time!

How does it make you feel when you are embodied in that dreamy moment? How does it help to relieve your worries and get you through difficult times?

When my mind wanders I feel free, and in another world. Even if I’m facing really yucky situations in my life, when I daydream and conduct the clouds, I forget all about that, and just go somewhere else. All my worries get left behind for a time and then, even when I come “back to Earth”, I feel better.

I find it makes me feel more present – I stop worrying about the future, and just concentrate on all the wonderful things in the here and now. Having my head in the clouds helps me to be grateful for everything I have, and all the beauty around me.

What is the best cloud vision you’ve ever imagined? Why was this your favourite?

Ooh, I have seen so many things in the clouds I don’t know if I can choose a favourite! I particularly love the vision I saw of a girl (I think it was me!) on a bike with her arms held out wide. She looked really free and happy. That’s one I’ll remember for a long time.

What would you say to people who don’t believe in daydreaming? How do you encourage others to see things in the clouds?

I’d say they’re being silly, not to believe in daydreaming! It’s so much fun, and makes you feel so much better; why wouldn’t you want to do it? If other kids, or grown-ups, aren’t sure how to become cloud conductors themselves, I say they should just give it a go. The more you do it, the easier it will be and more you’ll enjoy it.

Sit somewhere quiet and peaceful, close your eyes for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths, and then look up. Just let your mind wander – there are no rules (which is one of the best bits!). Whatever you see or hear is fine; remember that everyone is different, and that’s a good thing. I’d love to hear about what you find in the clouds!

What other things do you enjoy doing besides cloud conducting?

So many things! I love inventing, hanging out with my dog (who many of my inventions are inspired by), playing games with friends, and lots more.

Please let us know where we can find out more about you and your author. We’d love to come by and visit!

I’ve been featured in a book called Cloud Conductor – how cool is that?! It’s all about me and how I have been using my imagination to cope with being sick. The author is Kellie Byrnes – she wanted to help other kids to be inspired to become cloud conductors just like me (and I think she wants other grown-ups to have a go, too!).

When I saw the illustrations drawn by Ann-Marie Finn I was really happy, too. She drew me and my dog sooo well, and the pictures of some of the things I have seen in the clouds are amazing – just like she was in my head, somehow! (Ooh, a mind-reading machine – that’s an invention I’d like to build one day!)

Anyhow, you can find the book in your local bookstores, or online. Kellie said you can go to Wombat Books or Booktopia websites, for instance, if you want to order the book and read all about my adventures.

There are also many fun ideas and activities for other kids to think about after reading the book. They’re found on Kellie’s website, labelled ‘Teacher’s Notes’ – click the link to download them.

Thank you for sharing your dreams with us, Frankie! ☁️⛅️☁️

 Kellie Byrnes: Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

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