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Between the zing zang zengs and woot toot hoots, Reece from Reece Give Me Some Peace! has something to say! Let’s hear it, Reece! 🙂🙃

Thanks for talking with us today, Reece!

Please tell us, what do you love about making music? How does it make you feel to play different instruments?

I love all the different sounds I can hear when I make music, especially with so many different instruments. It makes me feel so many things, because some sounds give mea warm, happy feeling, and other sounds can give a sad or angry feeling. My favourite are the warm, happy sounds.

What is your favourite instrument? Why do you like that one?

It is hard to choose! Probably the violin because you can make all sorts of nice noises… I mean music with it!

What advice would you give to other children wanting to explore music? What do you think are the benefits of playing instruments and noise play?

I would say to other children… come over to my place and play instruments with me! Then we can make an orchestra of our own, and explore lots of different music!
Playing instruments together means we can make new friends, and even if you are exploring music on your own, you get to play around with high and low sounds, loud and soft sounds and different rhythms. It is so much fun, and keeps our busy brains even busier – in a good way!

What’s your cat’s name? Do you think she likes your music as much as you do?

My cat’s name is Molly Gingernut. Sometimes when the instruments get loud, she gets a little scared… so I don’t know if she ALWAYS likes my music, but I always like my music!

How about your Mum? Why do you think she kept saying, ‘Reece, give me some peace!’? Why did you keep going?

Maybe mum likes my music just sometimes. I think her favourite is soft music, and that is why she asked me for some peace. I like my music loud most of the time, and when I play my instruments I get so super excited, that I want to keep going. I think sometimes I play so loud, I don’t really hear my mum either!

Do you have any advice for parents with children with a passion for clamour?

If parents could wear those ear muff things, then loud music and noise wouldn’t bother them so much. So maybe parents can buy those? Us kids learn heaps by playing and exploring different things, I think parents need to remember that!

Do you have a favourite musician or type of music?

I like classical music and watching Andre Rieu! He plays his violin with so many instruments in an orchestra – and they have a lot of fun!

Thanks for speaking out loud with us, Reece! It’s been a riot! 😝


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  • Norah

    What a great interview with Reece – a wonderful opportunity for him to share his ideas as well as his music.

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thanks Norah! It was fun to interview Reece! 🙂


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