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6 February 2424

Booth and Beagle-bot, moments before Booth’s extremely inconsiderate re-escape

Bluggsville is on high alert this evening after the arrest and re-escape of notoriously cheeky street urchin and suspected thief, Max Booth.

Booth, 11, has been on the run since 2422, when he escaped the Skyburb 7 Home for Unclaimed Urchins on the exhaust pipe of a passing hover-hippo. Since then, he has been spotted several times on the streets of Bluggsville, rudely taunting the respected staff of the Unclaimed Urchins Recapture Squad, who simply wish him to continue his much-needed education – and perhaps get a haircut too.

Booth and his accomplice, Oscar B Beagle-bot, were apprehended this afternoon in a sporting memorabilia store in Bluggsville South, where they were observed browsing suspiciously and wearing safari outfits for no apparent reason.

Stephen ‘Spike’ Santoro, owner of Spike’s Sporting Memorabilia, raised the alarm and detained the escapees until the Unclaimed Urchins Recapture Squad arrived on the scene and arrested both scallywags.

Santoro was unsure what the escapees were hoping to find in his shop, but reported that they were in possession of a small, sticky photograph of 21st century tennis star Neptune Williams. The assailants confessed to having removed this item from the Bluggsville City Museum.

Mr Beagle-bot was successfully returned to the Skyburb 7 Home for Unclaimed Urchins, where he will be extensively reprogrammed to be a good little dog.

Booth, however, is thought to have escaped from the squad’s van-copter moments before take-off. He is not believed to be dangerous, but has a history of displaying very poor manners towards anyone who attempts to send him back to his loving Home on Skyburb 7, where his last homework assignment is now more than two years overdue.

Police urge anyone with information on Booth’s whereabouts to immediately contact Captain Selby of the Unclaimed Urchins Recapture Squad. The streets of Bluggsville will not be safe from bad manners until this mouthy minnow is returned to his classroom!


For further information, please read Max Booth Future Sleuth: Stamp Safari, for an in-depth personal account, recounted by Max himself.

Article by Cameron Macintosh.


For even further information on the author of this article, please read the interview with Teena Raffa-Mulligan at In Their Own Write, recounted by Cameron Macintosh himself.

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