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Colour Mixing Kangaroo Vignettes

One of the most beautiful scenes in Colouroos is the nighttime landscape where the three different coloured mobs of kangaroos come together to watch a dance of colour in the twinkling sky. Not only is this a stunningly visual piece that artist / author, Anna McGregor has created, it is also a deeply impactful representation of uniqueness blending effortlessly with diversity in total peace and harmony. Inspired by this scene, let’s explore a few of the elements of the book, including kangaroos, Australian landscapes, and of course, colour mixing!


What do you think the author wanted readers to explore with colours in this book?

What do you know about primary colours? Which ones are they? What are secondary colours? How do you make them?

Have you heard of or visited any of the places in Australia mentioned in Colouroos? Which is your favourite Australian location? Why?

What do you know about kangaroos? Do you know there are different species of kangaroo? What are they? Do you think they mix with one another? How do these kangaroos remind you of humans and our different colours?


Identify the colours on the colour wheel.

Recognise the difference between primary and secondary colours, and experiment with the reactive process of mixing primary colours.

Experiment with a range of media, including pencil, paint, chalk, oil pastel.

Utilise fine motor skills in drawing or tracing and cutting out a kangaroo shape.

Identify an Australian landscape or landmark and represent this visually on the artwork.


White Paper

Black Paper

Kangaroo template for tracing (optional)



Primary Colour Acrylic or Watercolour Paint (red, blue, yellow)


Glue or Sticky Tape

Chalk or Oil Pastel (preferably white)


  1. Draw (or use a template) and cut out a kangaroo shape. Use this to trace onto the black paper in desired position.
  2. Cut out the kangaroo shape on the black paper by making a hole in the centre of the shape first. Be careful not to cut to the edge of the black paper.

3. Place the white paper behind the black paper without sticking together (this step comes later). Trace the kangaroo shape you see onto the white paper. Prepare your three primary coloured paint onto a mixing lid / palette.

4. On the white paper only, experiment with colour mixing patches inside the kangaroo shape. Perhaps try blending each colour into the next. It’s okay if you go out the lines as this will be covered with the black paper.

5. While you’re waiting for the paint to dry, using your chalk or oil pastel, draw a landscape of your choice on the black paper. It might look effective to only use one colour, or white, for this.

6. Glue or stick the white paper behind the black paper, ensuring you can see your colour mixing kangaroo in the opening.

7. Voila! Your masterpiece is complete! Hang it up and enjoy!


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