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Italian Renaissance Mask Making Craft Activity

Get into the spirit of the Renaissance era by dressing up in classic medieval costumes! You may start with something as simple as the craft we have outlined below, or create a piece much more extravagant with good quality materials. The classic commedia dell’Arte masks, originating in the 1530s and 40s, classify each character, showing a specific emotion and personality whilst on stage. The masks represent the beauty, extravagance, repulsiveness or attractiveness of each character.

Can you identify the character name with the given mask below?

Brighella | Pantelone | Arlecchino | Truffaldino | Smerdaldina



What do you know about Commedia dell’Arte?

What was the significance of Uberto’s mask in Columbine’s Tale? How has the author Rachel Nightingale weaved in fantasy to her historical tale?

How do Rachel’s characters’ personalities match their stage personas and individual gifts?

Typical mask making materials include leather, traditionally. Papier mache and plaster casts are also used. What materials will you choose to make your masquerade mask? What style or character will you represent?

For a simple DIY mask –




Tissue / crepe paper in assorted colours



Sticky tape

Craft stick

Assorted decorations such as jewels, ribbons, feathers, etc.



1. Draw / trace a mask shape on to your piece of cardboard. Cut out including the eyes.

2. Cut out squares of the coloured tissue paper / crepe.

3. Arrange and glue on to your mask as desired.

4. Trim excess pieces of tissue paper / crepe from around the edges and within the eye holes.

5. Decorate your mask as desired with craft items including jewels, and so on.

6. Stick the craft stick at the back left or right side of the mask to hold.

7. Compliment your mask with a gown or renaissance style outfit for your masquerade ball or Halloween party! Which character will you become?


See more amazing renaissance or festive mask creations at ehow.com.

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