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School Visits 101, Adam Wallace (author, creator, presenter), Kid’s Book Creator Capital, 2020.

You may have seen posts with kids’ creators visiting schools recently (live or virtually), particularly with Book Week running all over the country. You may very well have been one of those authors or illustrators out there in front of children, sharing your books or conducting your own writing or illustrating workshops. Either way, you may be looking for ways to improve your presentations, or your business management, or just get more of those bookings in the first place!

Now, I know you’ve probably heard this before… Adam Wallace’s energy is infectious. It’s so true, and with his Kid’s Book Creator Capital (KBCC) course, School Visits 101, you can’t help but absorb that energy and feel absolutely PUMPED, EXCITED, BUZZING and INSPIRED to go out there and be the best presenter you can be. And this goes for all kinds of presenters; from authors and illustrators, to other creators, musicians, storytellers and even unpublished writers. This course is filled with loads of gold, and by that, I mean both the wealth of information provided as well as tips on structuring your income from school visits.

Through Adam’s humour, passion and open honesty, we are generously granted his 20+ years of knowledge and experience, which, in his mission to “create an army of people inspiring kids”, he does with great nobility and leadership, as well as efficiency and accessibility. Adam draws down to the real crux of the purpose of completing this course, and doing what you love most, and that is the WHY. Why do you create? Why do you want to do school visits? He also breaks down the WHAT – What’s in it for the children? For the school? – and the HOW – How will you achieve this? All with a positive mindset and practical tips and tools to help you be YOU in the best, most authentic way possible. Adam drives home the message about the ‘connection’ that is so important to a successful school visit.

Each section of the course is chunked into manageable pieces, with individual lectures delivered via subtitled video format, accompanying notes, downloadable PDFs and templates, and bite-sized but important hands-on homework tasks. Adam covers everything from what to charge, to getting your foot in the door, to catering for different age groups, ways to sell your books at schools, the nuts and bolts of creating flyers, order forms and invoices, planning your sessions with crowd control in mind (including tips on controlling those pesky teachers!), plus more, including awesome bonus material. I really appreciate how Adam provides the guidance, and at the same time leaves tasks and thoughts open and flexible to suit his course participants’ own ideas and experiences.

Adam delivers this course not only with generosity, enthusiasm and credibility, but also with encouragement and a real belief that we can all be AWESOME superstars like him (he said the bit about being awesome – I added the superstar bit!). Yes, even if your presentation isn’t perfect (Adam even provides useful tips on being prepared for that), it is all achievable, and it’s all about inspiring the kids. I love that!

Get PUMPED! Get EXCITED! Book in to Adam’s flexible and engaging short course, so you can book in to more school visits…with confidence! And when you’ve received your certificate for School Visits 101, grab another course from the KBCC website, such as Making Money 101, 5 Ways to Smash Writer’s Block or Zombie Inspiration (or the whole bundle!).

As a former primary teacher and aspiring author, I personally can’t wait to ‘spread joy and energy, and inspire children’ with literature, all thanks to Adam Wallace and his joyous, energetic and inspirational course. Highly recommended.

For more information please visit Kid’s Book Creator Capital.

Review by Romi Sharp.


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Adam Wallace is a New York Times bestselling author who writes every single day, no exceptions. He plans to do that every day for the rest of his life, and he plans on living to 130! From self-publishing through to traditional publishing, Adam now has had over 80 books published, and has had his books read on the White House Lawn and Kim and Kanye’s house!

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