imageAt Just Write For Kids our mission is to share and provide the community with relevant and interesting news, information and wisdom about the Australian children’s literature industry. We aim to support our home-grown authors and illustrators on their journey towards creating the best literature so that stimulating resources are readily available and a love of reading is fostered with children globally.

Aspiring to be amongst these one day, today I’d like to give a shout out to all the amazing foundations that support, advocate and celebrate the development of children’s literature… because they work so hard to give our children a future they deserve.

imageInternational Read to Me! Day was founded by the Child Writes Foundation which, for the past decade, has guided children in creating and publishing their own books. With low level literacy skills found amongst individuals around Australia, founder Emma Mactaggart established this special day in order to “give children the megaphone they need so they demand to be read to regularly!”

International Read to Me! Day takes place on March 19th this year. Find more information on their website and Facebook page.

imageThe Children’s Book Council of Australia celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015. It is a leading not-for-profit organisation in promoting superb Australian literature to our community. The CBCA runs a number of significant events throughout the year. Such include the inaugral awards to books of merit, Book Week (August 20 – 26) themed activities for students to engage in around the nation, and invaluable conferences to support and empower book creators to endeavour to produce the most exemplary literature possible.

For more information on the CBCA visit their website. And check their social media for all their State branches.

imageThe Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF)
dedicates its work to improving the language and numeracy standards across Australia, as well as initiating creative projects to assist people in marginalised communities. At the forefront, they believe that “literacy is the road to human progress”; that literacy is the key to education, employment and being able to participate fully in society. Their efforts to equip early years and Indigenous children with language foundations, and provide support and resources to refugee students and Indigenous communities are remarkable.

To donate to and support this initiative, head to the ALNF website.

imageRoom to Read is a worldwide program that aims to transform educational experiences and therefore impact future generations. Striving to lift low-income countries out of poverty, it is their genuine belief that “World Change Starts with Educated Children”. Focusing on literacy and gender equality, Room to Read has developed programs to improve habits of reading and life skills support for girls to succeed in school and beyond.

With impressive numbers of libraries established, books published, schools constructed, books distributed and participants, you too can join the global movement by visiting Room to Read at their website and Australian website.

imageThe Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) holds the National Simultaneous Storytime each year to facilitate a love of reading amongst young Australians. Selecting a picture book to be read aloud across the nation, simultaneously, is founded on the notion that reading, and literacy, is to be valued and enjoyed. They also aim to raise the profile of Australian authors and illustrators, promote storytime activities in schools, libraries and communities, and involve parents, grandparents and the public to engage in the event.

imageThis year the chosen book to be read is ‘I Got This Hat’ by Jol and Kate Temple, illustrated by Jon Foye, which will take place at 11am (AEST) on Wednesday May 25th. For more information and to register please visit their website and Facebook page.

imageThe Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) was established to address literacy levels and provide opportunities for children living in remote Indigenous communities. To raise the awareness of and improve the literacy issues in these regions, ILF relies on the support of Australian publishers, booksellers, authors, volunteers and staff to supply books and resources, and visits, out to isolated Indigenous areas.

Indigenous Literacy Day is celebrated on September 7th this year, and is aimed at raising funds and enjoying a host of fun activities with all its generous contributors. Find out more at their website and Facebook page.

imageThe Australian Children’s Laureate was developed by the Australian Children’s Literature Alliance (ACLA) as an initiative to promote reading and its significance in the lives of young Australians. A Laureate is selected for the role biannually to advocate the power of story and influence good reading habits to children nationally and internationally. Past Laureates include Alison Lester and Boori Monty Pryor, Jackie French, and currently, Leigh Hobbs.

To support and find out more about the Australian Children’s Laureate initiative please visit their website and Facebook page.

imageNational Literacy and Numeracy Week is a dedicated annual event that promotes the enjoyment and significance of literacy and maths for students across Australia. It supports programs like Read for Australia, Poem in your Pocket and the ILF’s The Great Book Swap, and aims to engage everyone including teachers and parents. Their website has fantastic resources to be involved in the week’s festivities.

NLNW 2016 will be held from August 29 – September 4. Visit their website for more details.


If you would like to share information about any other great organisations supporting children’s literacy development, feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page. 😊

7 thoughts to “Dedicated to Literacy Foundations

  • karenwrites19

    Thanks Romi for posting this inspiring list of Literacy Foundations.
    You’ve forgotten one… Books In Homes Literacy organization that delivers books to poor children. I’m a volunteer for this group. Tomorrow I go out to a local school and hand out books to kids.
    Karen 🙂

    • Just Write For Kids

      Of course! Books in Homes is a fantastic initiative to bring literacy to those in need. Thank you for your contribution towards helping to make a brighter future for children! 🙂

  • Jenny Graham

    A great post Romi. I love your aspiration to be amongst these great Literacy Foundations in Australia. Each of those listed above started because, someone like you, was passionate, they had a dream.

    Good luck to your future literacy aspirations. I have enjoyed watching your passion grow and your goal become clearer.

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thank you, Jen! You are too sweet and always so thoughtful! I really appreciate your comment. You’ve given me even more motivation to go for my goals. I am in awe of everything you are achieving and working towards with your writing and your business.
      Thanks again xx

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