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We’re delighted to welcome back, Kelly Louise Jarris, author of Wonderful Wishes and Imagine Our Special Place, here for a chat over some tasty Cheese On Toast, or maybe it’s a mouth-watering roast! Let’s find out why Kelly was hungry to put together this delectable picture book…

Congratulations on the release of your latest, funny picture book, Cheese On Toast!

This is an absolutely fun and quirky story; with all kids and parents being able to relate to the struggle that is dinner (and healthy eating) time! What themes have you incorporated and what do you hope readers will gain from this book?

 I wanted to write a light hearted fun book aimed to encourage children to give things a try. The book deals with emotions shown through the illustrations and teamwork expressed through the text.

Why did you want to write Cheese On Toast? How did the idea come about?

 After my last book Imagine Our Special Place touching on grief, I wanted to share a story that was a little more quirky. Most of my stories come from my children and our journey together as a family. My kids have taught me so many lessons, even if I didn’t realise it at the time.  Speaking to parents in my community I think most of us all deal with the same issues when raising kids. Cheese On Toast is just a light hearted tale of one of the many challenges I’ve had as a parent. It could be a child not wanting vegetables or not wanting to go to bed or even getting their socks on in the morning in a school rush. We have all been there.

Why did you decide to write the story in rhyme? What do you love about this style of writing?

Most of my manuscripts are written in rhyme; Wonderful Wishes was my first book {written in rhyme}. I find it challenging and enjoy hearing children finish the lines as I turn each page. I love that Cheese On Toast is interactive and have found by the third page the younger kids start to join in. I had a class clap at the end of the book the other day. It was gorgeous.

The illustrations by Baginda Adr are highly expressive and animated, with a feeling of warmth, and even a fun interactive element! What is your favourite spread or aspect about Baginda’s art? Why?

I like the expressions of this character – it tells the story just by looking at him. I do love when he’s in bed pretending to be unwell. The dramatic aspect of it! What seems so small to us adults sometimes can seem like the end of the world to a child. The spread portrays that perfectly.

How much input did you express for your vision, and what aspects did Baginda surprise you with?

My briefs are always in depth so that I don’t waste the illustrator’s time in the creative process. Baginda created the carrot character which I love, and we added it to each page.

What are the most unusual dinner requests your own children have asked for?

I think my six year old would be happy with a life supply of peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. My husband got him into this strange combination. It’s his favourite.

How do you like your ‘cheese on toast’?

Grilled cheese is definitely the best. Melted.

What else would you like readers to know about you or your hilarious book, Cheese On Toast?

The book is meant to be a simple, flowing, easy text for kids to read and follow. For pre-schoolers, the interactive element of finding the carrot keeps the little ones entertained. The book is designed for parents and teachers to read and kids to interact and read along as well. The repetition of the text is there to serve purpose and get them involved.

Thank you, Kelly, and all the best with your delicious book! 🙂

As a mother of four boys, Kelly Jarris has been lucky enough to see the diversity in each child, which is how the characters came about for her first book, Wonderful Wishes. Kelly also writes and appreciates stories from life experiences, with her second picture book, Imagine Our Special Place. Her sister’s journey with terminal cancer inspired Kelly to write a book that touches on sibling bonds, imagination and feelings of the unknown.

Her third, fun picture book is Cheese On Toast.

Kelly has a background in veterinary nursing and was once an Australian wildlife rescuer.

Visit Kelly Louise Jarris at her website: https://kljbooks.com/

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CHEESE ON TOAST is available for purchase through: KLJ Books | Booktopia | Online bookstores.

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