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A place to explore picture books with fun, informative and educational activities and ideas for young children.

My Little Story Corner developed out of a complete obsession with picture books, and a love of writing them!
This website aims to provide fun and educational activities, resources, reviews and book news suited to parents and teachers of children in the early years. It fosters a unique love of reading, and aligns with a range of curriculum areas, social values and life philosophies that emerge from books and their creators.
Each set of teaching notes found on the site provide informed and educated opinions on its merit for its intended audience and lessons in the areas of literacy, numeracy, science and technology and the arts. There are also many free downloads available for personal or classroom use, and links for making book purchases.
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Rachel Le Rossignol / Nightingale Author & Playwright
Rachel Le Rossignol / Nightingale

Rachel Le Rossignol is a writer, editor, trainer, presenter and actor. Her first novel in the exciting fantasy triology, Harlequin’s Riddle, was published in June 2017 by Odyssey Books under the pen name of Rachel Nightingale.

With a passion for story telling and the theatre, it was natural that her first fantasy series would centre on both.

“My key fascination is the power that stories have in our lives, to engage, illuminate and transform.“

Rachel Nightingale was a highly imaginative child who used to pretend she was a gypsy wandering the woods on her way home from school. Once she realised creating stories gave her magical powers she decided to become a writer. Some years, and many diversions later, she is the author of Harlequin’s Riddle, published by Odyssey Books, and also, rather unexpectedly, an award winning playwright. Columbine’s Tale, the sequel to Harlequin, was recently released in September 2018. She is currently writing the final book of the Tales of Tarya trilogy – which by complete coincidence is about the power of creativity to shape the world – and desperately trying to ignore all the other stories clamouring for her attention.

Rachel lives in regional Victoria with a very bossy cat, her family, and the cutest dog in the world.

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