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Boogie Books
Boogie Books
An independent publisher, focused on children writing books supporting children, and it fully supports The Child Writes Foundation. Other titles by adult authors are deemed to ‘help children understand their world’.

Boogie Books is a small press publisher with BIG purpose – helping children understand their world – one beautiful book at a time.
The business was established in 2003 in a bid to encourage others to see their words in print. In the ten years since 2005, Boogie Books has also supported the Child Writes program – cajoling and guiding children through the entire process of creating their own book, ensuring children writing for children supporting children. With over 350 titles, Boogie Books is the largest publisher in the world of children’s books by children on Amazon!
Now it is time to really pick things up a notch or two as Boogie Books continues to not only support the program, it is also championing the Child Writes Foundation and International Read to Me! Day.
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Teena Raffa-Mulligan Author / Presenter
Teena Raffa-Mulligan Author
Workshop /Course / Presentation
Teena is a West Australian author, editor, guest speaker and workshop presenter with a lifelong passion for books and writing. She writes whimsical and quirky stories for children of all ages and her publications include poems, short stories, picture books and chapter books.

Teena Raffa-Mulligan is a West Australian author who knows an unusual remedy for wrinkles, the secret fuel to put a grandpa into orbit and a drastic solution to the dilemma of a cranky dad. Teena writes quirky, whimsical books for children, with publications in magazines and anthologies, and a diverse range of picture books, junior fiction and MG novels. Her first published picture book was a stranger danger tale that was endorsed by the WA police and education departments of the day and used widely in schools around the country.

Some of her other books include ‘When the Moon is a Smile’, ‘Who Dresses God?’, ‘Friends’, ‘The Apostrophe Posse’, ‘Catnapped’, ‘The Fifty Per Cent Princess and Other Goodnight Reads’, ‘The Seven Day Dragon’, and ‘Parramatta Rosie ‘. ‘Monelli & Me’ is Teena’s first novel for YA readers. Teena’s step-by-step guide to story writing, ‘You Can Be A Writer’, is her latest picture book, released in 2021.

Teena’s writing life has also included a career as a journalist and editor. She is passionate about books and writing and presents talks and workshops to encourage children and adults to write their own stories. For younger children Teena dresses up as a characters from one of her books to show them writers can do anything, be anyone and go anywhere in their imagination while writing their stories.

Visit her website at or find her on Facebook at

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