We're All in This Together

Skye Hughes Children’s Author and Teacher
Skye Hughes Children’s Author and Teacher
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Skye Hughes was born in Adelaide but spent much of her childhood travelling around Australia in a caravan with her three younger siblings and parents. She is a school teacher, youth program facilitator and big fan of Nutella donuts. Skye currently lives in Melbourne and when she isn’t writing children’s books, looking after her house plants or teaching young people, you will find her travelling the globe and connecting with people from all walks of life. It is these connections that inspire her to keep growing, learning and creating beautiful memories.

Victorian-based school teacher and youth mentor Skye Hughes decided that something more needed to be done for kids’ during the current COVID-19 pandemic. She said, “I couldn’t sit idle and watch so many children struggle with social isolation and unanswered questions. I had to do something. I knew the power of storytelling and decided that this was the positive force I would use! ”

Armed with a desire to ease kids’ feelings of isolation and fear amidst the current Victorian Stage 4 lockdown, Skye wrote We’re All In This Together and deliberately tackled the issues children asked about the coronavirus and being away from loved ones, friends and even school.

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