Thanks once again to the awesome Robert Vescio for returning to the blog to discuss the importance of ‘doing the right thing’, which explains the moral intentions behind his newest book, Finn and Puss (see review). Robert writes with a thoughtfulness and tenderness that are always welcomed with a genuine affection by his readers. Thanks Robert! 👦🏼 🐱 ❤️

If you find something, do you keep it?

It’s not always easy to do the right thing. Sometimes you have to choose between right and wrong. Making the right decision can be tough. You may not always get what you want.

In my new picture book, Finn and Puss, our hero is faced with a moral dilemma. He must choose between right and wrong. Fortunately, Finn is rewarded for choosing to do the right thing.

Finn, a young boy, is lonely. Puss, a cat, is lost. Then Finn and Puss meet. Suddenly Finn isn’t lonely anymore, and Puss seems quite happy to be with Finn too. But when Finn sees a ‘Lost’ poster, put up by Puss’s owners, he’s faced with a tough decision. Will he do the right thing?

Finn and Puss is a story that matters. Children need to know that finders are not keepers. Things, including pets, belong to someone. And when you find them you seek their real owners, especially if the identification is right there in front of you.

Doing the right thing shows that you are honest, responsible and truthful. It all boils down to ethics and integrity. And just like Finn, sometimes you get a reward or make a friend for doing the right thing. But other times, it’s just the satisfaction of knowing in your heart that you did the right thing.

By teaching our children to do what is right and not what is easy, they will grow up to make a difference and become great leaders.

Doing the right thing teaches children to grow up with a genuine love and respect for others. Having these values will help them to grow up to be better people.

The ethical actions of a person makes for a great leader and enhances his or her credibility and integrity.

Teach your child how to be ethical through character building:

Trust – Be honest, reliable and loyal. Not to cheat or steal.
Respect – Use good manners, not bad language. Be nice to others.
Responsible – Be accountable for your actions.
Fair – Don’t take advantage of others. Share and take turns.
Care – Be kind, compassionate, forgive and help others.

It’s important to teach our children morals and ethics. And the only way that we can do this is through example.

Finn and Puss will be launched on October 3rd, 11am at Harry Hartog Booksellers.

Check the flyer for details.

Finn and Puss is available online from EK Books, and from all good bookstores.

Robert can be found at his website here.


4 thoughts to “Doing The Right Thing: An Article by Robert Vescio


    Look I’m not a huge cat fan but the cat in this book sounds lovely so perhaps I can leave room for a couple of those cats that bring out the best in us. Thanks for sharing – will keep an eye out for this book.

    • Robert Vescio

      Thank you and I hope you enjoy the book. Best wishes, Robert 🙂

  • Debra Tidball

    Thanks Robert – these moral issues can be really tough for kids – how fabulous that they have this resource to help – well done!

  • Junie Rutkevich

    This is a good book, perfect as I am looking for a gift to my goddaughter. It’s not just about the story itself, but the moral lessons of it. This will be perfect for those who wants to install honesty character at an early age


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