You’ll, too, be on a mission to discover all the secrets, wonder, beauty and surprises within this awe-inspiring book by the irrepressible, ever impressive, award-winning author, Robert Vescio, and with the stunningly wondrous and magical illustrations by Mel Armstrong – let’s get ‘Into the Wild’! If only for Robert Vescio, empowering his readers to open their minds to possibility, and consequently to open their hearts with his magnificence in words and ponderings. Taking time to notice, taking steps to overcome, taking chances to discover; all help us grow and flourish, and this is exactly what Into the Wild is all about. 

Thank you, Robert, for sharing your motivations and all the potential of your newest title with us… and encouraging children to love nature! 🙂 x

Into the Wild, published by New Frontier Publishing, October 2020.

‘Not all those who wander are lost.’

– J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring.


This line refers directly to Aragorn, the ranger who spends his time wandering Middle-Earth. He wanders, but is not lost. He knows his mission, knows his purpose and follows it with determination …

… Much like Roman from Into the Wild.

Into the Wild tells the tale of a young boy named Roman who wanders where the hidden and wild lies. Roman goes into the wild simply to disappear and pursue wonder and surprise. He knows his desire and he follows it with an open mind.

On his travels, he discovers something rare and special – a friend to share his discoveries with…

What we see here is a young boy who notices, engages and wonders. He loves nature and experiences the joy it has to offer.

And it’s through Roman’s direct experiences, that we too can encourage our own children to fall in love and connect with nature.

We can start by noticing what’s around us. Often, we walk right past amazing natural things… like a butterfly on a flower or even a bird on a branch. But if we just take a moment to notice, and walk slowly, it can be a wondrous experience.

Once we notice what’s around us, then we can engage and interact with the natural world. This will enable us to learn. For young children, it can be as simple as a stick or splashing in puddles. And for older kids, it can be things like fishing and hiking. By playing in nature, this will teach children how to overcome fear and help them when they’re older.

We, as parents, can also share our experiences with children and get them excited about the outdoors.

By doing this, we give our children the chance to wonder and be surprised and enchanted by our natural world. Let them enjoy what gifts our earth has to offer. Show them how to collect and eat food they themselves planted and nurtured. This will show them the benefits of reaping the rewards of their hard work.

Let them grow their own little garden patch and marvel at all the insects and birds that come to visit. In return, this will teach children about the different creatures and the importance of their involvement in our ecosystem.

Enriching your child’s well-being is crucial, not only for their future, but for our planet, too.

These are just some of the ways we can get our children excited about our natural world. Just like Roman, the wild is ours to explore and to share.

Young readers will delight in searching with Roman for the unknown and mysterious.

Into the Wild, illustrated by Mel Armstrong, clearly demonstrates this. It’s not only a celebration about the power of friendship but is also a journey about self-discovery. It opens our eyes to the unseen, and the beauty that surrounds us.

Mel’s stunning illustrations are filled with fun and attention-grabbing detail. They truly capture the atmosphere of the story and convey the emotion of the characters expressively. This is wandering all wrapped up in one beautiful package.

Just open your mind.

Article by Robert Vescio.

Into the Wild

Roman is a lone wanderer and the wild is his to explore.

Yet despite his amazing adventures and fascinating discoveries, Roman is still searching for something.

Is being alone really the only choice for a wanderer?

Trailer by Mel Armstrong

Into the Wild is available to purchase/pre-order at New Frontier Publishing | Booktopia

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