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If you’ve only heard snippets, and rave reviews, of Esme’s Wish, here’s even more of a taste of this powerful tale and beautiful writing; a glimpse into the fantastical world of the mystical creatures of Esperance…

Esme stared ahead at the city, desperately hoping it wasn’t just a mirage.
From a distance, Esperance appeared to be drifting on the lagoon’s surface, as if its hold on existence was so tenuous that it could slip back into the depths at any moment. High above the city, sinuous shapes pinwheeled across the sky. Daniel trained his spyglass on them.
‘What are those things?’ she asked him.
‘You mean the dragons?’
‘Dragons?’ she spluttered. She rubbed at her eyes before staring skyward again. As she rose unsteadily to her feet, the boat rocked violently beneath her.
‘Here.’ He passed her the spyglass. ‘Have a closer look.’
Through the lens, she could see the sun refracting off the golden wings of dozens of creatures, gliding effortlessly through the clouds: scaled beasts, with crested heads and long snouts.
‘That’s what I was doing over at Laertes,’ Daniel went on, seemingly oblivious to Esme’s disbelief. ‘Dragon-spotting. A wild mother and her brood are supposed to have settled down there. But I’d just about given up looking when you ran into me.’
‘They’re really … real?’ Esme stuttered, as she retook her seat.
Daniel laughed. ‘Of course they’re real. As real as anything else here.’
Wow, that’s reassuring.
But it all felt real enough. The boat rocked in the wash of other vessels that passed by. The air was saturated with salt, just the way it was back home. Gulls scoured the shores for food, scattering when pedestrians displaced them. Columned mansions with arched windows and ornate balconies lined the shores; squares and fountains filled the gaps between the blocks of buildings. Winding streets of water curled up into the city and disappeared out of sight.

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