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This week’s tour is all about relationships. Our gorgeous feature book is titled, When the Moon is a Smile, and is a heartwarming story of the special bond between father and daughter and their love of spending time together. So, in honour of this sentiment, you will have the pleasure of viewing content featuring both author; Teena Raffa-Mulligan, and illustrator; Amy Calautti, and their wonderful working relationship. Warm hugs to these amazing ladies…

We simply adore our regular Just Write For Kids feature author; reader, writer, daydreamer and magic believer, Teena Raffa-Mulligan! She has been a consistent inhabitant of the world of make-believe since her primary school days and knew from an early age she wanted to be a writer. Teena writes across genres and has published picture books, chapter books, MG novels and many short stories and poems for children and adults. Some of her titles include Friends, Who Dresses God?, The Apostrophe Posse, plus many more! She shares her passion for books and writing by presenting talks and workshops to encourage people of all ages to write their own stories. Her writing life has also included a long career as a journalist and editor. She lives near the beach south of Perth and has three children with families of their own who provide plenty of ideas for new stories.

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Amy Calautti has always loved to paint and draw. Her art style is warm and joyful. Amy lives with her small tribe of humans who bring her endless inspiration. If she’s not hunched over her drawing table madly scribbling her marvellous creations, she is either cooking up a storm or caught up in a daydream. When the Moon is a Smile is Amy’s first book and she has two more coming out in 2020.

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When the Moon is a Smile is available from Daisy Lane Publishing and Amazon.com


A little taste of what’s to come…

Here’s what Teena and Amy want you, the reader, and your loved ones, to gain from reading When the Moon is a Smile

Teena: I hope they will be left with a smile and a warm, fuzzy feeling that the love you share can get you through the tough times. I also hope the words I chose to use capture the loving relationship between a father and his child and how this is expressed in his willingness to enter her world of imagination and play.

Amy: I hope what resonates is that even though something sad has happened, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be forgotten about. You are important, and you are loved.


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