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The time has come – the time to approach a new book campaign head on. So, take a deep breath and brace yourself for a fiercely fun adventure into the wildly bold and courageous tale of ‘Raymund and the Fear Monster’ by Megan Higginson and Ester de Boer!

Megan’s true story is unequivocally reflected in her picture book, and for those who know her, she has certainly jumped in to new and challenging and exciting and scary ventures – feet first! We are beyond overjoyed to feature Megan (and Ester and ‘Raymund’) for this campaign, because she is such a generous and talented soul in our writing community. x 

Megan Higginson loves to write and illustrate stories of monsters, aliens, and mind-blowing places, and asking questions like, ‘What if?’. She holds many roles, including artist, speaker, street library ambassador, a Books in Homes Role Model, dyslexic book worm, mother, qualified youth worker and education support worker, and a retired horse whisper. 

Megan loves to encourage children to read and write their own stories, and hopes her stories and illustrations will help readers to look at their life and the world around them with new eyes. She is the author of, The Sock Thief; a short story included in The Creative Kids Tales Story Collection Vol. 1 (2017), and An Angel to Watch Over Them (shortlisted) in the anthology Three Dummies in a Dinghy and Other Stories of Life (2018). Her stories, Freya and the Fear Monster and Super Moon and Fairy Dust feature in The Creative Kids Tales Story Collection Vol. 2 (2019). Three Seconds, Truck Stops and Log Trucks (shortlisted) is another story published in Papa’s Shoes and Other Stories of Life (2019). Raymund and the Fear Monster is her debut picture book most recently released.

Just Write For Kids and Books On Tour PR & Marketing are thrilled to explore the hidden gems in, around and behind this amazing title! Let’s take on Raymund and the Fear Monster


Follow Megan at these links:

Website: www.meganhigginson.com

Facebook @meganhigginsonauthor

Twitter: @meganhigginsonW

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Instagram: @meganhigginsonauthor

YouTube: Megan Higginson


Megan boldly answered some questions about her writing life… watch it play out here…

And if you’re feeling brave, stare into the eyes of the beast here (no, it’s not Megan!)…

Face all the adventures of Raymund and the Fear Monster and its creators,

Megan Higginson and Ester de Boer at these media sources…

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4 thoughts to “Featured Author: Megan Higginson

  • Karen Tyrrell Author

    Congratulations Megan !

  • ThoughtsBecomeWords

    Fabulous! And I just love that terrifying trailer 🙂

    • Megan Higginson

      Isn’t the trailer fabulous. I show it when I go into schools to read, ‘Raymund and the Fear Monster’. The kids love it. They gasp, giggle and laugh and say, ‘Wow!’

      • Just Write For Kids

        Lovely to hear! That’s what it’s all about… the children!


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