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Emotion Stones

Illness in one’s family can become a shocking reality, particularly when what was once safe and comfortable rapidly changes to the unfamiliar and the unknown. Granny’s stroke certainly had a deeply profound impact, not only to herself, but the ones her love her most. In this nature art activity, we will explore a range of emotions in consideration of specific events, whether that be your own circumstances or the one in Finding Granny.

Ages: 4 – 7 years


Interpersonal development: Express feelings through colour, picture and pattern
Visual Art and Literacy: Use of fine motor skills for handwriting words and painting stones


Think of how Edie must have felt before her Granny became ill. What kinds of things did they do together?

Think of how Edie must have felt after her Granny had a stroke. What were the things that changed?

How do you think Granny felt about having to go to hospital?

How do you think Edie’s mum felt having to treat Granny differently?

How did Edie find her Granny again? How does she feel now?

Have you experienced any difficult times that meant change? How did you feel before and after the event?


Different sized stones or rocks (or large leaves)
Different coloured paints

Black marker
Paper and pencil


Watch the video, or follow the instructions below…

1. On paper, write down all the words discussed with the questions above.

2. Gather the different sized stones or rocks.

3. Using a range of paint colours, decorate the stones to match the mood of each emotion. Experiment with mixing colours, try patterns or shapes.


4. Once dry, paint or write the emotion word and image clearly on each one.

5. Tell stories using the different emotions. Either retell Edie’s story or make up your own.

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