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My Ice Cream Granny Edible Stamp Art

In Finding Granny, the use of Art Therapy is prevalent as an effective way to help the patients recover from illness. We also experience Granny in many fun-loving ways, according to her granddaughter, Edie. To combine their love of ice cream, art and playful, descriptive words and phrases, take a look at this engaging art and literacy activity… and it’s edible, too! 🎨 🍦 🎨

Ages: 4 – 7 years


Use fine motor skills to press and stamp
Recognise colours and colour mixing
Engage in art as a way of relaxing and expressing creativity
Brainstorm adjectives to describe someone special, ie. Granny


Edie describes her Granny as many wonderful things. She’s “a playtime Granny, a bedtime, story-time pantomime Granny, an I’m not afraid of some slime Granny.” “an ice cream Granny, a winter snuggle up tight Granny, an everything will be all right Granny.” “a love as fierce as a lion Granny.”

Do you have a Granny or someone else special?

How would you describe her?

What kinds of describing words (adjectives) or phrases can you think of?


Canvas or large white paper
Edible paint such as vanilla yoghurt or melted ice cream
Different colour food colouring (or crushed / puréed fruit / juice)
Spoon for mixing
Plates or muffin tray for each colour paint
Ice cream cones
Pencil or texta


Watch the instructional video, or follow the directions below…

1. Spoon the edible paint onto different plates or in the muffin tray, as per the number of colours you wish to make.

2. Drop one colour (food colouring or fruit juice) into each edible paint and mix until combined.


3. Beginning at the bottom of the paper, draw either a picture of a cone or a bowl.

4. Dip the cone into the edible paint and stamp onto the paper. Repeat for each colour. Make your ice cream cone or bowl as high as you like, with as many colours as you like!


5. Once dry, fill in each circle stamp of ice cream with the adjectives or phrases you brainstormed during the discussion. Write who your special person is on your artwork.

6. EAT your leftover paint! Share it with your Granny! 🙂

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