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In Belly Button Fluff, Scarlett Von Scruff’s inquisitive nature leads her on a courageous, fun- and fluff-filled adventure in and around her town, meeting a diverse range of people and animals, and their belly buttons! This quirky, curious and colourful tale written and illustrated by Dave Atze encourages readers to embark on a journey of self-awareness, and of those around them, in the most completely cute, and slightly icky, way! Here are a few fun activities to explore with your Belly Button Fluff

Discussion and Activities

Curriculum Links:

Foundation to Year 2 English – Phonics and word knowledge (ACELA1439)(ACELA1817), Literature and context (ACELT1575)(ACELT1581), Responding to literature (ACELT1783), Examining literature (ACELT1578)(ACELT1579)(ACELT1585), Interpreting, analysing, evaluating (ACELY1650)(ACELY1660)(ACELY1670), Creating texts (ACELY1651)(ACELY1661)(ACELY1671)

Before Reading Questions –

Time for a giggle! Have you ever heard of belly button fluff? What is it? Have you ever found any? Have a look in your belly button!

Look at the cover of Belly Button Fluff. What do you see? What do you think the girl is holding? How might she be feeling? How do you know?

Read the blurb on the back cover. Why do you think Scarlett likes to collect weird stuff? What might she do with all the belly button fluff she is going to find? What ideas can you think of?

What sorts of things do you like to collect?

After Reading Questions –

What did you learn about Scarlett Von Scruff? What other things does she like to collect? What was her main goal for collecting the belly button fluff? Do you think she was brave? Kind? Curious? How?

What kinds of hidden things did you find in the illustrations? Why might the author / illustrator have put these in the book?

What do the following terms mean: ‘icky’, ‘stealth’, ‘brim’, ‘sculpted’, ‘harvest’. Discuss and write or draw their meanings.

Can you spot the rhyming words in the book? Can you think of any other words that rhyme with ‘fluff’? Make a list. Write and draw them on a ‘fluff’ shape.

What might Scarlett have been feeling when she ran out of belly button fluff? Why do you think she decided to collect something else? What do you think it might be?

Age Group

3 – 6 years

Learning Tasks

Make your own Belly Button (Cloud) Fluff

Curriculum Links:

Foundation to Year 2 Science – Chemical sciences (ACSSU018)(ACSSU031), Nature and development of science (ACSHE013), Planning and conducting (ACSIS011)(ACSIS026), Communicating (ACSIS012)

Objective: To make the softest, fluffiest fluff with only two ingredients!

What you’ll need: Baby powder, baby oil, optional food colouring, mixing bowl, mixer and measuring cup.


  1. Pour your container of baby powder into a mixing bowl (don’t inhale the powder!).
  2. Add one cup of baby oil to the bowl.
  3. Use your mixer to slowly mix the ingredients for at least 5 minutes.
  4. Knead the dough to form the fluff.
  5. Optional: add food colouring to colour your fluff.
  6. Continue to mix and knead the fluff until it holds its shape, then crumbles to soft dough.

Recipe from smartschoolhouse.com.

Fluff Hunt and Fluff Craft

Curriculum Links:

Foundation to Year 2 Visual Arts – (ACAVAM106)(ACAVAM107)(ACAVAM108)

Objective: To use one’s resourcefulness, creativity and fine motor skills to find fluff and create a craft (or functional) item.

What you’ll need: A range of ‘fluffy’ things found around your home. For example, cushion fluff, cotton balls, wool, pom poms, feathers, fairy floss, fluffy material, etc.


  1. Go on a fluff-hunting mission to find and collect as many ‘fluff’-related items as possible.
  2. Write, draw or discuss a design plan for your creation. Will it be a piece of art? Will it be a new toy (like a ‘fluff bunny’)? Will it be something useful such as a scarf or hat?
  3. Create your ‘fluff’ sculpture or piece of art. Evaluate its effectiveness in terms of durability, aesthetics, function, etc.
  4. Enjoy! 🙂

BONUS! Check out the FUN teaching ACTIVITIES on the Big Sky Publishing website! You’ll find some downloadable sheets like these…

Belly Button Fluff is written and illustrated by Dave Atze. Published by Big Sky Publishing. Notes prepared by Romi Sharp.

Reference: Australian Curriculum

Please follow Dave Atze at his website: https://daveatze.com/

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Belly Button Fluff is available for purchase through: Big Sky Publishing | Booktopia

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