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It is with great joy and delight to share some fun festivities for little ones to get creative this festive season! From poetry to letter writing, making hugs and role plays, we have been inspired by the magic and wonders of Penny Macoun and Paul Nash‘s joyous picture book, The Christmas Door! Let’s get jingling…


Do you celebrate Christmas?

What’s your favourite thing about this holiday?

What’s your biggest wish for all children around the world this season?

What do you think is behind the door in the floor in The Christmas Door?

What is the story about? What was your favourite part?


Christmas Poems

Choose your favourite style of poetry and write a Christmas poem for a loved one. It could be an acrostic poem with the letters of C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S, or a Haiku, rhyming verse story, or even a limerick. Make it as fun and cheery as possible!

Christmas Card Greetings

Write a letter or greeting to a loved one this Christmas, telling them about your favourite memory with them, or what you love about spending time together. It might be special to write it behind the door…

Christmas Wishes

Download and print the sheet to make a door flap, with hidden ‘wishes’ drawn or written behind it…

Huggable Santa Craft

Cut out the parts of Santa to make him huggable! Who doesn’t love a huge embrace from the man in red?!

Reindeer Puppets

Role play The Christmas Door story, or your own, with reindeer puppets bursting their way into your home!

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Illustrations copyright Paul Nash, 2022. The Christmas Door is written by Penny Macoun. Ideas for activities by Romi Sharp.

Visit Penny Macoun at her website: HOME | Penny Macoun Author

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Other titles: Gorkle, Rollo’s Wet Surprise

Paul Nash can be found at https://www.nashyart.com

THE CHRISTMAS DOOR is available for purchase through: Penny Macoun| Amazon | Booktopia | All online bookstores found here.


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