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by Vanessa Ryan-Rendall

Thanks, once again, to Vanessa Ryan-Rendall from Educate. Empower, for contributing your wisdom to our blog! Please enjoy her article on facilitating an environmentally-aware community amongst our young Australians. 

How do we raise our children to be more environmentally conscious children?

How we do we raise them so that they are not caught up in the world of consumption, acting for the Instagram followers or having a total disregard for tomorrow?

In the western world where it seems that convenience is key to our survival we, the adults, need to change our ways and show our children that convenience isn’t always the best way forward.
Raising environmentally aware children is paramount. This doesn’t just mean awareness of the natural world; it also means awareness of how our actions impact other people’s lives.

But how do we do this when convenience is right there to make our lives easier when many of us work full time, need to keep a tight budget or want to relax rather than clean, cook or sew?
We can do this – one step at a time. And that one step at a time should be together with our children and on display to them.

How can you slowly move from a life of convenience to an eco-conscious life?

Is there a change you need to make? Perhaps a book will inspire that change – ask me and I can help!

Vanessa Ryan-Rendall is a Primary school teacher who currently works in the library. She has a Masters in Gifted Education and is passionate about encouraging children to read a diverse range of books so that they can open up their minds to other worlds and challenge their thinking.

Vanessa’s has a blog where she focuses on books that help to educate children (and possibly their parents and teachers) in the areas of sustainability, animal conservation, getting outside and global issues such as poverty, refugees and conflict.

You can read these reviews and receive monthly updates at or contact her at Find Vanessa also on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

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  • Debra Tidball

    Great post – love the links to books re issues! Thanks Vanessa.


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