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We just LOVE finding out how illustrations and stories come to life, and fortunately for us, Dave Atze can reveal BOTH, because yes, he is BOTH the author AND illustrator of his latest new, adorably icky picture book, Belly Button Fluff! Let’s discover more about the process of creating the ‘fluff’! Thanks, Dave! 🙂

There are a lot of strange facts about belly button fluff. Did you know that an Australian man holds the World Record for collecting belly button fluff? He has been storing his belly button fluff in containers for over 26 years! I wonder what Scarlett would do if she happened to come across his stash…

When illustrating Belly Button Fluff, I did things a little differently than my usual drawing process. I had most of the images in my head of what I wanted to draw before I had written any words. I knew the general storyline of what I wanted to write about.

The scene where Scarlett is mining for fluff in the cave is the first image I knew I wanted in the book. Then every day on my morning run, I would picture these images in my head and come up with funny rhymes to tell the story. Then I quickly got home to write them down before I forgot. Once I had enough rhymes, it was time to turn them into a story.

The illustrations for Belly Button Fluff were drawn on an iPad with a digital pencil using an app called Procreate. This app is like a digital version of a piece of paper with all of the pens, pencils, paintbrushes and markers you would normally use in real life.

Whilst writing and illustrating my first book, I also became a first time Dad in January 2020. I love reading together with my daughter Ella, who inspired me to include a hidden message within the pictures of the book. I hope that when Ella is old enough to read, she will be able to spot the hidden message… can you?

I hope you enjoy reading this book and let Scarlett take you on a colourful, fun and sometimes a little bit gross journey into fuzzy gut holes.

Article by Dave Atze.

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Belly Button Fluff is available for purchase through: Big Sky Publishing | Booktopia

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