Title: Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii
Author: Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern​
Illustrator: Sophie Norsa
Publisher: Little Steps Publishing
Genre: Children’s picture book, Adventure, Travel
Age Group: 3 to 6 years

Please tell us a bit of what your book is about.

Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii’ is the first book in the ‘Charlie’s Adventures…’ series.

Charlie is off on his first adventure with his family to Hawaii! His friend, Kai and his dad, Amoka, take Charlie on a discovery of clues to uncover the spirit of Aloha!

What kinds of themes / issues are raised in this story?

The ‘Charlie’s Adventures…’ series of books has been developed to
encourage children to learn more about the world and the wonderful
cultures within it.

Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii’ explores Hawaiian tradition, language and values.

At the heart of the book is the spirit of aloha, which signifies kindness, unity, humility, truth and patience.

How are these important to you in raising awareness to your readers?

We live in a vibrant multi-cultural and diverse society. There is beauty to be ​found in every culture. I believe it is important to emphasise the uniqueness and similarities of cultures to build awareness and cultivate tolerance and respect.

Who or what inspired you to write this story?

My grandfather Charlie adored traveling. Unfortunately he passed away some time ago. These books are a tribute to him.

I am also an avid traveller. My family have embarked on many adventures. Traveling inspires me. These books are based on our personal travel stories and the highlights of our escapades.

What is your favourite part of the book?

My favourite part of the book is the treasure hunt. Following the map around the gorgeous island of Oahu and uncovering the meaning of aloha.

Sophie Norsa’s illustrations are just magical! The bright water-colours truly transport you to Hawaii.

My favourite page in the book is where Charlie and Kai watch the hula dancers! Dancing inspires me too. At all the ‘Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii’ events you are guaranteed to see some hula dancing.

How would you describe the publishing process? Were they supportive? How long did it take?

The team at Little Steps Publishing were incredibly supportive. It was a collaborative process. I felt my own personal vision for the book was upheld and the ideas suggested from the team at Little Steps Publishing maintained the integrity of this vision.

The process took about a year from manuscript development to the end result.

What was the collaboration like between author and illustrator? Juicy gossip, please!

It was lovely working with Sophie. She completely understood what I was hoping to convey and bought Charlie’s Adventures…to life. Her illustrations are bright, fun and considered.

We have never met, we just work through emails. It has been incredible to be able to collaborate with someone on a project that just gets you and the end result is exactly like you imagined. Hopefully we will meet on Charlie’s next adventure.

What has the feedback / audience response been like so far?

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I am so grateful.

I have received kind comments from adults and children alike, from all over the world, including Hawaii. For me, hearing from those residing in Hawaii and being told they appreciate the authentic representation of their culture, is truly humbling.

What teaching and learning ideas would you suggest to complement this book?

Teachers’ Notes are available at – http://www.derose-ahernstories.com/product/charlies-adventures-in-hawaii/

Please let us know where we can find more on you and your book.

You are welcome to visit my website – www.derose-ahernstories.com and Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/deroseahernstories/

Thank you for sharing Charlie’s Adventures with us! ☀️ 🌸 🏖

Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern is an author who adores exploring all the world has to offer! Her appreciation of travel and uniqueness of culture has been captured in the pages of her books. Having family sprinkled around the world; she has lived, worked and been on many adventures overseas.

Her infatuation with the vibrancy found in each culture led her to complete a degree in the social sciences, undertake a Masters in International Development and work in international affairs.

She developed the Charlie’s Adventures series of Children’s books to encourage children to learn more about the world and journey far and wide discovering, appreciating and understanding.


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