Cover Reveal on May 7

Title: Where’s My Sandwich?
Author: Michelle Dennise
Illustrator: Michelle Dennise
Publisher: Self Published via Createspace
Genre: Children
Age Group: 2 years +

Please tell us a bit of what your book is about.

Where’s My Sandwich? is about a girl and her dog who go on a picnic. When Nellie’s sandwich goes missing, she sets out through the Australian Bush to find the one who took it. Along the way she meets some Australian animals and learns a little about what they eat. However, this is not an educational focussed story and doesn’t go
into detail about what the animals eat.

What kinds of themes / issues are raised in this story?

This story is mainly a cute little story to entertain children however it does touch on honesty.

How are these important to you in raising awareness to your readers?

Honesty is an important and appropriate trait to have and I believe it is important to instill this into children from the very beginning.

Who or what inspired you to write this story?

I like writing stories with animals in them as children do enjoy such stories. I think about an idea for a story and I’ll let it move around in my mind until I come up with a storyline. I will then sit and write my ideas down. Being fiction I can also use imagination where the animals can talk or behave differently to what is normal.

What is your favourite part of the book?

I like the idea of having a little part about Australian animals included as it gives the reader in other countries a small glimpse of them. I also imagine the little reader interacting with the story, trying to solve the mystery and imagining their enjoyment makes the whole story appealing to me.

How would you describe the publishing process? Were they supportive? How long did it take?

I have self-published through Createspace. I found it to be an easy process. My only disappointment is that I don’t believe we have such a platform here in Australia.

What was the collaboration like between author and illustrator? Juicy gossip, please!

Haha! As both writer and illustrator there is no juicy gossip however I do not call myself an illustrator as I cannot draw. Luckily for me, I do like simple illustrations that look like a child has drawn them and I find they appeal to children. It takes me a lot longer to be satisfied with the illustrations than the story. I find I spend a lot of time adjusting the illustrations and trying something different. But, I am a new author/illustrator so I am learning as I go.

What has the feedback / audience response been like so far?

I have been really impressed with how indie authors support each other and I have found them to be very helpful when I’ve asked questions, which has helped me in promoting my book to my audience. While Where’s my Sandwich? has not been released as yet I do have 2 free ebooks already published. I have found my first book, The Mixed Up Pet Shop, to be quite popular and I have received a few lovely reviews for it. I will be re-releasing that one in paperback later this year, and yes, I will be re-doing the illustrations for that one as they were my very first attempts.

Any details on your book launch you’d like to tell us about?

I will be revealing the cover at my cover reveal facebook party on May 7. I invite you all to come along and check it out. I will be sharing the spotlight with 6 other indie authors of children’s books. We will have interviews, book promos and many giveaways.

Please let us know where we can find more on you and your book.

You can connect with me on Facebook:

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Michelle! 🐨 🌯

Michelle lives in Australia with her husband and two children. She enjoys reading historical fiction, raising budgies and spending time with family and friends. Becoming an author was a childhood dream and she is very happy that she is now bringing that dream to life and hopes to bring some reading enjoyment to you and your little ones.

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