imageWe are just tickled pink to have Jess Black here with us today answering our Comedy questions! Thanks, Jess! 😜 🐲

What is the funniest book you’ve ever read?

The Bum trilogy by Andy Griffiths. Pure genius.

What is it about writing for children that makes you happy?

It’s possible that I am still and forever eight years old. I have really wonderful memories of this age and it’s my favouite age to write for. Now that my oldest daughter is seven I can see why!

I enjoy creating worlds and character that will live on in the memories of children. Just as many of the books I cherished when young have lived on in mine.

Which author’s or illustrator’s sense of humour do you enjoy? Why?

I’m a big fan of R. A Spratt. Her Nanny Piggins series and Friday Barnes series are so clever and irreverent. Plus she’s very funny in real life!

What has been your funniest moment as an author?

When I visit kids in schools I often teach writing workshops. I think some kids who might not be there by choice expect they will be boring. I remember one lovely boy who came up to me after a workshop and put his hand on my shoulder and said most sincerely, ‘I thought that would be really boring but it was actually surprisingly good. You’re not bad.’ – High praise.

Give us a one liner to make us smile!

Don’t squat with your spurs on.

Which of your own or other book character would you want to meet in person? Why?

imageI’d love to meet Eve and Oscar from the Keeper of the Crystals series. Eve has such a strong personality and is really feisty. I’d enjoy hanging out with her and I’d like her to meet my daughters.

What is the most comical response you’ve received from a fan?

I often get boys asking me if I’m related to Jack Black and they’re always disappointed that I’m not. I think I should just say he’s my brother!

Funniest word in the Dictionary:

Skullduggery is a pretty cool word.

What writing advice would you NEVER give to aspiring writers?

Wait for inspiration to strike. It doesn’t. You have to put the work in first.

What is your most unusual quirk?

I can’t stand having sticky hands.

Thank you, Jess! That was heaps of fun! 🐬 😜

imageJess Black is an author of twenty six chapter books for children. She has written the Keeper of the Crystal Series and is the co-author of the highly successful The Kaboom Kid, The Bindi Wildlife Adventures series and the RSPCA Animal Tales series. Her first picture book Moon Dance came out in March with Scholastic. 

Jess has worked as a writer and director in children’s theatre, a writer and editor in children’s television; a book seller and a book buyer. She is a senior tutor at The Writers Studio and tutors their ten month First Draft Novel or Screenplay course.

Find out more about Jess at her website and Facebook page.


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