DSC_1271-copyWe are ecstatic to have Kris Sheather here to bring a smile to our day with her ‘Comedy’ themed answers! 😄 🙊

What is the funniest book you’ve ever read?

Oh there’s more than one and they are Terry Pratchett books.
In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.’

What is it about writing for children that makes you happy?

Imagining their beautiful minds ticking over as they read, thinking of
things I’m incapable of with my grown-up head.

Which author’s or illustrator’s sense of humour do you enjoy?

Aaron Blabey’s and Mo Williams’s illustrations are fabulous, I just adore the expressions they capture. Nick Page wrote a gem with Mouseton Abbey: The Missing Diamond. The humour is subtle, the story detailed, and the opportunity to throw around different accents was irresistible.

What has been your funniest moment as an author / illustrator?

When workshop presenters visit Bundaberg for WriteFest they are usually accommodated in seaside apartments. After the event we gathered at the largest of the apartments for post-event drinks. After much wine and wonderful conversation I directed a very popular author and his wife to the bathroom to show them it’s special feature – a pole. All silver and shiny it was raunchy even in dim light. Said author and wife wrapped themselves around the pole for a dancing good time and posed for photos. See what happens when you let writers out for the weekend!

Give us a one liner to make us smile!

‘I do this for the money’, said no writer ever.

Finish the sentence… “What cracks me up is…”
‘the unexpected.’

Which of your own book characters would you want to meet in person?

I’ve known my characters for so long they’d probably be suspicious if I asked them out for coffee. Was I killing them off? Was I going to confess they’d never be published? However I would love to meet Juliet Ashton from The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society simply because she fascinates me.

What is the most comical response you’ve received from a fan?

I’ve yet to have the pleasure.

Funniest word in the Dictionary:

Cabotage. It sounds like someone is planning to sabotage your cabbage
patch. But it briefly means ‘trade of goods/passengers via coastal navigation.’

What writing advice would you NEVER give to aspiring writers?

‘Of course the publisher will be happy to read your first draft.’

Thanks, Kris! You’re a cracker! 😝

image-48Kris Sheather is an active member of the arts community as a writer, blogger and mum of two. She is also a graphic designer & artist with Two Decade Designs as well as Publishing Manager of Ormiston Press.
Kris is a member of many writing organisations and on the steering committee for WriteFest, Bundaberg’s annual writers’ festival.

Her books and artwork can be found at her website and Facebook page, and graphic design seen at the Two Decade Designs website


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    How did I miss this? Great interview. Loved meeting Kris at the ‘Meet the Publishers’ conference in Melbourne. So lovely!!


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