imageYou won’t be able to resist the charms of the alluring Renee Price in our ‘Romance’ themed interview! She’s divine! 🌷💝

Finish the sentence… “I’m so in love with…”
Sleep. I never appreciated my relationship with it … then I had children.

Describe your writing style in an acrostic poem, using the letters, L-O-V-E.


If you could receive any gift from any children’s author or illustrator, what would it be and who would it be from?

I’d love a pet piranha from Aaron Blabey. That would be very cool. But it would have to like bananas. I’m a little attached to my bum. J

What has been the loveliest feedback you’ve received from a fan?

imageI received a photo of two gorgeous brothers not only reading my book, but they had my YouTube reading on their iPad and TV screen at the same time. My heart ballooned with gratitude. J

Have you ever received any feedback on your books that reduced you to tears? What was it?

I’m constantly tearing up. Each time someone makes the effort to message me with feedback, I get emotional. One mother thanked me for creating my book and stage show. She thanked me not only for the quality of my work, but the effort and commitment I put into what I do. When this is appreciated, it validates my purpose, creating for children.

If you could collaborate with any author or illustrator, who would it be? Why?

Jen Storer. She’s amazingly talented and lovely, and she cracks me up! Her style is one I admire immensely, and I think we’d work pretty well together. Whadda ya reckon, Jen? 😉

Thank you for all your gorgeousness, Renee! 😘

Thank YOU! This was fun. J

Renee Price is a children’s author, early childhood teacher, music educator and performer. She has 13 years collective experience in early childhood education, writing and entertainment. Renee is the founder of the Create It Kids brand. Create It Kids showcases picture books, music and movement classes, live performances and activity ideas for children.

imageFind Renee and Create It Kids at her website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and her popular picture book ‘Digby’s Moon Mission’ at its Facebook page. Renee is launching her new endeavour MusikMakers! Check it out!


8 thoughts to “#InterviewByTheme with Renee Price

  • have2have1

    Great to read. Fascinating lady. Thanks.

    • Renee Price

      Ditto Janeen! Thank you so much. 🙂

  • Renee Price

    Thank you, Just Kids Lit! My heart is filled with warm fuzzies. This was a lovely interview to participate in. x

    • Just Write For Kids

      And you’ve given us the warm fuzzies, too! Thanks for being such a lovely participant! 🙂

  • Karen Tyrrell

    Thanks Renee & Romi, Great interview … Karen Tyrrell

  • girlandduck

    So much passion and energy. And funny into the bargain! I’m watchin’ you, Ms Price. (In a nice way, of course). Great interview! xo

    • Renee Price

      Haha! Of course! 🙂 Thanks Jen. You’re a ripper! x


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