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It’s time to get sentimental with a very special blog tour that is sure to touch your hearts. Inspiring author, Elizabeth Mary Cummings, shares her messages of hope, health and healing through her writing as well as her engagements with the community. We are fortunate to welcome her back, following the success of our Brave and Strong All Day Long blog tour, for this beautiful and gentle story, The Forever Kid.

Elizabeth Mary Cummings is a British author and poet based in Sydney, Australia. She is a member of the American Psychology Association and studied psychology and business studies at The University of Edinburgh in Scotland before training to be a Primary School teacher (with a Masters of Education) and travelling around the world with her family. Her work has taken her to many schools across the UK, New Zealand and Australia. 

Elizabeth’s stories often take a child’s perspective to explain the world and reflect on important life experiences. Her picture books and junior fiction titles include themes on resilience, grief, empowerment, anti-bullying, and she writes, advocates and speaks on storytelling and health matters for families and youth. 

The Forever Kid is a culmination of a four-year-long body of work on these subjects and told in a beautifully illustrated picture book, which has just been released by the Australian publisher, Big Sky Publishing.

The topics within Elizabeth’s books are of both local and global significance. She travels globally to talk about family and mental health matters as well as creative writing. 

Learn even more about this inspirational author in this video clip…

And introducing The Forever Kid; a moving story on remembrance and the strength of family love…


Elizabeth Mary Cummings: website | facebook |

Health Organisation Links: website

The Forever Kid: website | Boomerang Books

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4 thoughts to “Introducing Elizabeth Mary Cummings and The Forever Kid

  • karenwrites19

    Thanks Books on Tour and for sharing snippets about Elizabeth’s intriguing life. I watched the video and discovered Elizabeth and I are both teachers who write about mental health and bullying.… Warmly, Karen Tyrrell

    • Just Write For Kids

      Yes, you certainly have that aspect in common! You both do incredible work to support those in need. Thank you, Karen! 🙂

  • Norah

    This is such a lovely book, told in a very sensitive way. I’m sure it will find a place in the hearts of many.

    • Just Write For Kids

      The Forever Kid is absolutely a touching story that will resonate with many for many different reasons. Thanks, Norah! 🙂


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