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The World of Story: Author Article by Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern

Jacqueline’s fascination with culture and travel stemmed from her early adventures at a young age. Learn more about why this is an ‘essential ingredient’ in her life. Thanks, Jacqueline!

 From my travels I have been fortunate to hear and read some incredible stories. In every culture around the world stories are passed down from generation to generation. Stories can impart the values and traditions of a culture. It can provide a window to what life is like in a particular community. It can be a source of great strength in a culture. It can highlight the similarities and differences found around the world. Stories are unique just like culture is.

I have always loved to travel. I am infatuated by the beauty found in every country around the world. I am head over heels for airports, planes, maps and suitcases! My love of travel began when my family and I moved to Australia from Sri Lanka when I was three years old. Ever since then we have continued to travel. Having family scattered around the world means travel is an essential ingredient in keeping in touch. Travel does not only mean going overseas, when I was younger (and even now) my dad and I would go on many road adventures. We would get in the car and just drive. We had no plan, no map, no sense of time, just the need to discover. We stopped in little towns and big cities and would learn about every place we visited. Travel is an innate part of me and I am very lucky my work in international development and my adventurous husband continues to expose me to the incredible world we live in.

From a very young age, every story I sat down to write seemed to be grounded in culture. I recently found a story I had written in my first year at high school. Reading it again, the resemblance between that story and my first picture book, Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii, was evident. Even in my early years, I somehow knew travel and culture would be the heartbeat of my stories, after all it was my heartbeat too. 

Seeing and hearing stories from around the world opened my eyes to the exquisite nature of culture. I loved how each country around the world had its own personality and charm. It had its own story. In my stories I wanted to showcase these extraordinary traits in a manner that built a bridge between cultures, nurturing understanding and empathy.  The Charlie’s Adventures… series was born out of this desire.

As I continue on my writing path, I am delighted to see many diverse and multicultural books being produced. These books are beautiful tools that foster cultural awareness and cultivate respect and tolerance. These books help us grow personally and collectively. I am encouraged to keep writing as I see more of these books on bookshelves and the joy they are bringing to children (and adults) around the world. 

Charlie’s Adventures was created out of my appreciation of travel. As I write each of Charlie’s Adventures I feel grateful that we live in such a glorious world. It is uplifting to know that something remarkable is just a plane ride away or as my dad and I found, a short drive down the highway.

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