As a result of our Illustrator Competition earlier this year, we were fortunate to come across some awesome talent, such as 10 year old Morgan Donnelly who was awarded a Special Mention for her efforts. She is here today to share her amazing achievements she has already accomplished thus far. Thanks, Morgan! 🙂

How did you come to be an illustrator, and what do you like about illustrating for children?

I like to draw and I know what children like because I am one!

Who are your favourite artists or book illustrators that have made an impact on you as an artist? In what way have they influenced you?

I like the illustrations in the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book series by Jeff Kinney. And I like the illustrations in “Dragonology, The complete book of dragons and the other ‘ology’ books.” The illustrator however is not named.
I like practising both different styles of drawing.

Please tell us about your latest projects. Do you have any recent publications?

Currently I am working on writing a story for a competition. But my latest illustration that won a prize was my bilby drawing. I won first prize last year in grades 2-3, in the NAIDOC week banner competition run by Taronga zoo. My art was made into 5 large banners and displayed at the entry of Taronga Western Plains zoo as well as winning other prizes, including family pass to the zoo.

What does your art space look like – organised or chaotic?

Chaotic. I work at my desk, upstairs in my dad’s office, in my mum’s office, at the kitchen table or anywhere. Chaos is genius!

What are your top tips for aspiring illustrators? Have you received a valuable piece of advice, and from who?

I like what my school art teacher told me “Do it light until its right”

What else do you love to do besides art? Anything unusual?!

I play the double bass, I like staying up late and eating everything with my hands (I don’t do cutlery, much to my parents dismay).

Thanks for participating in our ‘Just Picture This Illustrator’ Interview, Morgan! 🙂

Morgan is 10 years old and lives with her parents and her little brother in Sydney. She loves to draw, write, play music and just play with her friends and her little brother who she loves and only sometimes gets annoyed with. She is currently in year 4 and is studying hard and wants to be an ophthalmologist, an author and a Mummy. She has won illustrator and writing competitions and Book Week is one her favourite times of the year (although Birthday and Christmas trump all. Actually holidays are pretty good too).

Illustrator prizes awarded:

2017: NAIDOC week banner competition – see bilby picture.
2015: Two of Morgan’s artworks were chosen to tour schools in the schools art touring competition. See pictures of Sydney Harbour and scene with houses and powerlines.



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