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Karen Hendriks is such a delightful, generous and passionate writer in the kidlit world, and it is our real pleasure to have her join us this week for the celebration of her gorgeous picture book release – Go Away, Foxy Foxy! This is a story that is absolutely enchanting, with strong messages of courage, teamwork and problem solving. Enjoy our upcoming week of heartwarming and insightful moments, and there’s sure to be a few giggles along the way, too! Let’s have a BLAST! 🙂

A little bit about Karen Hendriks

Karen Hendriks is a former primary teacher turned children’s author who lives in a small seaside village in Shellharbour. Her favourite kind of books are picture books, because she adores how words and pictures join together to create story magic. Her stories are full of heart, and are also quirky, warm, funny and tender.  Karen also writes junior fiction and middle grade stories and teaches writing to children. Her secret story partner is Elmo, a little Moodle who is always by her side.

​Karen is a proud ambassador for Books in Homes; an organisation that helps give books to students in disadvantaged schools. Karen visits schools and believes stories help children create their own kind of wonderful for themselves.

​Her picture book, Feathers, will be released in 2020 with Empowering Resources, and Home will be published with Daisy Lane Publishing in 2022.

Recently, Go Away, Foxy Foxy was released with Daisy Lane Publishing, and we are thrilled to be able to share in the promotion of this gorgeous book!

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Website: www.karenhendriks.com

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Learn more about Karen Hendriks as she speaks on video about her writing life and books…

In case you missed it… The book trailer of the empowering picture book, Go Away Foxy Foxy…

Go Away, Foxy Foxy is available to purchase at Daisy Lane Publishing | Booktopia.

Let’s have a blast with Karen Hendriks and her sweet and empowering picture book, Go Away, Foxy Foxy, with special appearances at the following media sources…


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