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It is with huge delight that we welcome back the passionate, award-winning, multi-published author, Elizabeth Mary Cummings for not one, but TWO more book campaigns with us! Elizabeth has previously promoted her fabulous titles, Brave and Strong All Day Long, and The Forever Kid through Books On Tour PR & Marketing. This year, Elizabeth continues to achieve, and inspire us, with new stories that come from the heart. This week we will celebrate the release of the empowering, imaginative story of pure joy with Rain Shaker; a tale encouraging activism for climate change and raising an awareness of global warming, and at the same time eliciting absolute delight in environmental care and growth. Throughout October and November, Elizabeth’s lively Verityville series will be on show to explore and applaud. So, let’s SHAKE things up as we get set for a downpour of amazing stories! 🙂

A little bit about Elizabeth Mary Cummings

Elizabeth is a Sydney based author and poet. Her works often reflect the world from the perspective of those who are marginalised, misunderstood or simply unheard. Elizabeth’s picture book series, Elephant in the Room raises family and mental health topics. Elizabeth is an award winning poet and regularly presents on storytelling as well family and mental health issues both here in Australia and internationally.

Elizabeth believes that our young people can help us understand our world and so her stories all start by exploring the word from a child’s perspective; that is to say that by taking a child’s view on a certain topic there becomes a ‘way in’ to new perspectives and a fresh way of seeing the world and the role of others in it. Elizabeth’s books are there to help children and adults alike find a way into new modes of thinking and new perspectives.

Elizabeth’s background in psychology has driven her work in the area of mental health; particularly for young people. Elizabeth is regularly in demand to consult on family mental health matters, speaking internationally and locally at conferences as well as in private engagements.

Elizabeth’s love of nature led her to become an active and outspoken promoter of environmental issues; both through her writings and through her teaching. Elizabeth believes that the need to raise awareness and to demonstrate the principles of environmental activism are fundamental in the creation of a sustainable world for the future.

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Learn more about Rain Shaker by Elizabeth Mary Cummings and Cheri Hughes in this book profile video…

In case you missed it… The advert trailer of the whimsical picture book, Rain Shaker

Rain Shaker is available to purchase at Big Sky Publishing| Booktopia.


Let’s shake things up; Elizabeth Mary Cummings and her delightful picture book, Rain Shaker, will be appearing at the following media sources…


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