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The Glint of Gold focuses on discovering the golden moments in each day – for children to practice mindful strategies that assist with nurturing mental, emotional and social health, as well as developing skills in communication, kindness and empathy. Thanks to author Kate McGann, with illustrations by Patricia Ward, there is so much to explore with this empowering, beautiful book. Today we will find some ‘golden’ moments in a few educational activities for kids!

* N.B. These discussion points and activities can be adapted to suit the age and educational level from Foundation to Year 2.


Before Reading –

Look at the cover of The Glint of Gold. What do you notice? How do you think the girl is feeling? How do you know? What might she be looking for?

What do you think the story might be about? Does the title give anything away?

What does the word ‘glint’ mean? What other words with similar meanings can you think of? Write them down.

During Reading –

What do you think ‘the glint of gold’ means? Have you noticed ‘glints of gold’ in similar things in your life?

What do you like / notice about the illustrations? How do they make you feel? How has the illustrator shown the ‘golden moments’?

After Reading –

What did you like or learn about the story?

How can you practice finding the ‘glints of gold’ in your life?

What is ‘mindfulness’? Discuss and write a sentence about what mindfulness means to you.

How did the girl in the story show compassion and kindness to others? Can these also be considered ‘glints of gold’? When have you shown these thoughtful actions?

What was your favourite part of the story? Why?

Five Senses Glints of Gold

Curriculum Links –

English Foundation to Year 2: (ACELA1435) (ACELA1451) (ACELT1783 ) (ACELT1831) (ACELT1582) (ACELT1832) (ACELT1833)

Draw a star shape or use a star template to write down each of the five senses next to each corner: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. In the middle, students can write, ‘I can find the glint of gold…’. Complete the sentence around the star with a place that corresponds to each of the five senses.

Discovering Nature and Mindfulness Through Art

Curriculum Links –

Visual Art Foundation to Year 2: (ACAVAM106) (ACAVAM107)  (ACAVAM108)

Introduction: Go for a walk through nature – listen to, look and smell the environment around you. Study the natural surroundings, identifying different kinds of unique and native flora and fauna. And don’t forget to find some ‘glints of gold’. Collect various flowers, leaves, twigs and other natural materials.

  1. Draw, copy or trace a large leaf or flower shape onto paper, and notice its particular veins and patterns. Using a selection of media, including pencils and watercolours, design each section of the leaf or flower with textures, patterns and multiple colours. How will you show the ‘gold’ in your painting?
  2. Imagine yourself in your favourite landscape. What colours can you see? What can you hear, smell, feel? Using paint, chalk or other medium and collage, create a landscape picture where you feel the most calm, or joy. Find some ‘gold’ material, paper leaf or glitter to add ‘glints of gold’ to your work.

Mindfulness Ideas

Curriculum Links –

Health and Physical Education Foundation to Year 2: (ACPPS003) (ACPPS004) (ACPPS005) (ACPPS006 ) (ACPPS017) (ACPPS018) (ACPPS020) (ACPPS021) (ACPMP008) (ACPMP012) (ACPMP025) (ACPMP028)

Mindfulness and physical activity are ideal for mental and physical health, having a positive outlook on life and caring for people and the world around you. Here are some ideas for mindfulness, gratitude and optimism.

  • Watch petals and leaves float through the air
  • Swing through the trees
  • Observe dew on grass or frost on webs, make ‘dragon breath’ on a frosty morning
  • Draw or colour patterns and ‘glints of gold’ found in nature
  • Focus on the smells, sights, sounds, tastes and feels in the world around you
  • Watch the sun go down
  • Create a mindful jar with water and glitter, or a collection of flowers – think about feeling calm
  • Engage in a favourite family activity – songs, dancing, playing musical instruments, games or sharing your ‘treasures’
  • Find a ‘golden moment’ when you feel sad
  • Be the glint of gold for someone else by showing them an act of kindness
  • Say thanks whenever you find a speck of gold!

The Glint of Gold is written by Kate McGann, illustrations by Patricia Ward. Published by Little Pink Dog Books. Notes prepared by Romi Sharp.

Reference: Australian Curriculum

Kate’s debut picture book The Glint of Gold is illustrated by Patricia Ward and published by Little Pink Dog Books.

Visit Kate at her website www.katemcgann.com)


THe Glint of Gold is available for purchase through: Little Pink Dog Books | Booktopia

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