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Joy’s Journey is a beautifully empowering story with a valuable message in discovering your own joys in life. Whether your journey takes you on worldly travelling adventures, or simply reflecting upon the person that you are, this gorgeous book has the potential to enlighten and ‘teach’ children about various topics and perspectives. With evocative rhyming couplets by Jacinta Farragher, paired with vibrant and energetic illustrations by Manka Kasha, Joy’s Journey offers plenty of opportunities that are such a joy to learn.


Before Reading –

Look at the cover of Joy’s Journey. What do you see? How does it make you feel? What does it make you wonder?

Where do you think the girl’s journey will take her?

What might she need to take with her on her journey?

What do you think she is looking for and what might she find?

Do you like to go on adventures? What can exploring and travelling teach you about yourself?

After Reading –

Q: What did you learn about Joy? What words (or adjectives) can you use to describe her?

Curriculum links: English Foundation to Year 2 (ACELA1452)(ACELA1454)(ACELA1468)

TASK: Create a character profile page with describing words about Joy (and/or her animal friends).

Q: Why did Joy want to find the magical paradise, and what did she learn in the end?

Curriculum links: English Foundation to Year 2 (ACELA1452)(ACELA1454)(ACELA1468)(ACELT1575)(ACELT1783)(ACELT1582)

TASK: Draw yourself in a mirror and write a sentence about what / where you find joy or happiness. Or write some adjectives that describe you as your own teacher – see Jacinta’s download below.

Q: Who were Joy’s animal friends, and what kinds of values did they teach her? Which animal do you identify with the most, and why?

Curriculum links: English Foundation to Year 2 (ACELY1651)(ACELT1831)(ACELT1833)(ACELT1783)(ACELT1582)

TASK: Draw a picture of your favourite (or ‘spirit’) animal and write about how it inspires or relates to you.

Q: What were the items that Joy used from her backpack to help her on her journey? How did they help? What would you take in your own travelling bag?

Curriculum links: English Foundation to Year 2 (ACELY1651)(ACELT1831)(ACELT1833)(ACELT1783)(ACELT1582)(ACELY1650)(ACELY1660)(ACELY1670)

Curriculum links: Visual Arts Foundation to Year 2 (ACAVAM107)(ACAVAM108)

Curriculum links: Design and Technologies Foundation to Year 2 (ACTDEK002)(ACTDEK004)(ACTDEP006)(ACTDEP007)(ACTDEP008)(ACTDEP009)

TASK: Draw or make your own travelling items, including a telescope, map, paper hat, torch, water bottle and food, etc.

Q: How did the story make you feel? What do you like about the illustrations? What was your favourite part of Joy’s journey? Where would be your favourite place to travel to?


Gratitude Keys

Curriculum links: Health and Physical Education Foundation to Year 2 (ACPPS001)(ACPPS015)(ACPPS018)(ACPPS005 )(ACPPS020)

Draw or use a key template to write all the things you are grateful for. These can be written on separate keys and include things like: nature, flowers, animals, pets, family, friends, my home, my teacher, health, myself! Colour in and display.

Seasons Wheel (or Kaleidoscope Telescope)

Curriculum links: Science Foundation to Year 2 Earth and Space Sciences (ACSSU004)(ACSSU019)(ACSSU032) / Biological Sciences (ACSSU002)(ACSSU211)(ACSSU030). Nature and development of science (ACSHE013)(ACSHE021)(ACSHE034). Science inquiry skills (ACSIS011)(ACSIS025)(ACSIS026)(ACSIS038)(ACSIS040)(ACSIS042)

Curriculum links: Visual Arts Foundation to Year 2 (ACAVAM107)(ACAVAM108)

Curriculum links: Design and Technologies Foundation to Year 2 (ACTDEK002)(ACTDEK004)(ACTDEP006)(ACTDEP007)(ACTDEP008)(ACTDEP009)

Create a wheel using a round piece of paper – divided into four sections – to show the name and pictures of each of the four seasons. What things are related to each season in terms of appropriate weather conditions, clothing, activities, nature cycles, tree changes, etc?

The wheel can be presented with a turning cover (with a quarter section cut out, and using a split pin to hold the top and bottom pieces together).

Alternatively, the seasons wheel can be made into a kaleidoscope telescope by sticking a smaller version of the paper circle (facing inwards) on the end of a long cardboard tube.

For a super cool kaleidoscope craft that you can use to see different elements of nature (such as a collection of leaves, flowers or other treasures), watch this instructional video: (26) DIY | How to Make a REAL Kaleidoscope (So Easy!) – YouTube

Extension: Research more about the seasons and how they occur due to the Moon’s rotation around the Earth. Create a poster, slideshow or 3D model about your findings.


Joy’s Journey is written by Jacinta Farragher, illustrations by Manka Kasha. Published by Little Steps Publishing. Notes prepared by Romi Sharp.

Reference: Australian Curriculum

Visit Jacinta at her websitejacintafarragher.com/

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JOY’S JOURNEY is available for purchase through: Jacinta’s SHOP | Little Steps Publishing

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