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Hangin’ out for some ‘quiet’ time and a cuppa? We have the perfect solution!  Enjoy this soothing audio clip listening to the brilliant Sonia Bestulic whilst you put your feet up and relax. Learn about Sonia’s writing process, where the inspiration for Reece came from, what her own household is really like, and more! So, take a deep breath, and enjoy!

Sonia Bestulic: website | facebook| LinkedIninstagram

Reece Give Me Some Peace!: Big Sky Publishing | Boomerang Books


Find Sonia in action once again in a wonderful interview with Kellie Byrnes! 😃

Have yourself at a BLAST at Sonia’s Book Launch for Reece Give Me Some Peace!

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If you love music and noisy play then this book giveaway is right up your jazzy alley! Click the image to enter.

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