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Sass and Traz Save the Library takes its twin hero protagonists, and its readers, on a magical bookish adventure with some wondrous characters in a bid to save their beloved local library from closure. Fostering a love of books and the special place they can be explored, borrowed and treasured – aka the library – author Michelle Worthington, with illustrations by Naomi Greaves, tribute their book to this valuable, and magical space, and the passionate librarians that dedicate their time to keeping this wonderment alive for the community. Today we will explore the magic of books, literacy learning and libraries!

* N.B. These discussion points and activities include Australian Curriculum links for Years 3 and 4, however can be adapted to suit a wide age range and educational level.


Before Reading –

Do you often visit your local library? What do you like about going there? What kinds of activities / events have you been to at the library?

How would you feel if you learned that your local or school library was being shut down?

Look at the cover of Sass and Traz Save the Library. What do you notice about the characters? What do you think this story might be about? Read the blurb and discuss.

After Reading –

What did you learn about the main characters, Sass and Traz, and also Ms Burns and the mayor? Write some adjectives to describe them.

What was the main idea of the story? What important message/s do you think the author wants readers to think about?

What did you like about the story? How did the author make the text engaging and interesting to read?

List the magical book characters that the library used to help with their mission. Name some other fictional books that you have seen them in.

Did Sass and Traz actually save the library? What do you think will happen in their next library adventure?

Curriculum Links –

English Years 3 & 4: (ACELA1498)(ACELT1594)(ACELT1602)(ACELT1596)(ACELT1605)(ACELT1601)(ACELT1607)(ACELT1794)(ACELY1678)(ACELY1680)(ACELY1690)(ACELY1692)(ACELY1682)(ACELY1694)(ACELY1695)

Sass and Traz Learning Tasks

  • Write or video record a book review about your thoughts on Sass and Traz Save the Library.
  • Imagine you were a book character awakened from the pages of a book and had an important mission or problem to solve. Write a creative narrative using descriptive language!
  • Write a persuasive text trying to convince the mayor to keep the library open. What are the benefits of libraries? Why are libraries valuable to you (or Sass, Traz and Ms Burns) and the whole community?
  • Design an invitation for a special library event, such as a book launch, storytime session, a workshop or craft lesson / presentation. Perhaps it can be based on a theme including some of the magical characters in the book.
  • Write some interview questions that you would ask the wonderful librarian, Ms Burns.
  • Research and write an author profile about Michelle Worthington!

Library Scavenger Hunt Ideas

  • Find 3 – 5 different areas of the library. These can include the children’s section, DVD’s / audio, magazines / newspapers, computer hub, borrowing machines / desk, and so on.
  • In the children’s section, find 3 – 5 different types of books. For example, picture books, board books, chapter books, non-fiction books, and so on.
  • Find a book on the shelf and role play one of the characters. Ask a friend to guess who you are!
  • Find a book about a given topic, such as a superhero, a dog or another animal, trucks or transport, mythical creatures, dinosaurs, gardening, etc.
  • Find a book by an author whose surname starts with the same letter as yours.
  • Run through the alphabet of books on the picture book shelves.
  • Find the largest / thickest book in the library!
  • For older children –
  • Find a book that teaches you how to draw or make something (then do it!).
  • Learn 20 facts from a non-fiction book.
  • Read a comic and act out some parts.
  • Ask a librarian to help you find a particular book, and ask them what they love most about their job!
  • Learn how to use the computer catalogue to find a book by area and the decimal system.

Getting Kids Excited about Reading!

Some children may be reluctant to pick up a new book… unless it’s something they can get excited about! So, with a fun way to recommend books, maybe it’s all the motivation they need.

One way to recommend books is to wrap them up and attach a book mark with a short, intriguing snapshot of the book (without giving too much away!). You could also include the name of the person recommending that book, which could be an adult or students themselves, and even a five-star rating.

How Much Dewey Enjoy Libraries?! More Library Fun!

‘Check out’ these funny library jokes that will send chills up your ‘spine’! They’re a good ‘reference’ for students when writing their own jokes, puns, poems or narratives.

Here are some examples:

What advice do you get from a librarian?

Believe in your shelf.

Why did the librarian fall down?

He was in the non-friction section.

What did the librarian tell the person who checked out 100 books?

Don’t overdue it.

More Library Jokes, Puns and One-Liners can be found at earlybirdbooks.com.

Sass and Traz Save the Library is written by Michelle Worthington, illustrations by Naomi Greaves. Published by Daisy Lane Publishing. Notes prepared by Romi Sharp.

Reference: Australian Curriculum

We are thrilled to help celebrate the release of the fun-tastical first book in the series by Michelle Worthington, Sass and Traz Save the Library, illustrated by Naomi Greaves, published by Daisy Lane Publishing.

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