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How to Make a Dragon Egg

What do you know about dragons? Do you know any dragons in books or movies? What do like / dislike about them? What similarities to dragons have to lizards? What about dinosaurs? One thing they all have in common is that they lay eggs. But dragon eggs are particularly beautiful.

Create and decorate your own egg to represent a dragon (or other egg-laying creature) from a certain scene. For example, use shells for a beach / water dragon, jewels for a cave dragon, feathers for a nest dragon, etc. Try to reflect this based on the surprise animal inside!

Watch the video tutorial.


Visual Arts: Explore and experiment with visual conventions to develop an individual approach to a theme or subject matter.
Responding to Literature: Compare opinions about characters, events and settings in and between texts.
Science: Living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves.


Piece of foil
Assortment of jewels and any other small decorative items
Playdough, or air drying clay
Small toy


1. Wrap your toy in the foil, and scrunch it up into an egg shape.


2. Roll out a piece of playdough or clay, then begin to cover your foil egg. Continue spreading around the entire egg until covered. Ensure dough has enough thickness to push the jewels into.

3. Begin to decorate with your jewels and other small items until covered.

4. Optional: colour speckles with paint or create texture with utensils.
5. Now the fun part! Open your egg or give to a friend to guess the animal then open to reveal the surprise creature inside!


Download your printable Lizzy’s Dragon Craft Dragon Egg instructions.

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  • Debra Tidball

    What a brilliant activity! I love how you linked it to the comparison of characters too – great!

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thanks Debra! This was a fun one, and open ended for any age! 🙂


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