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Make a Noise! Cute Musical Lyrebird Craft

What do you know about lyrebirds? What is their special talent? Did you know they can mimic noises like car alarms and chainsaws?! What kinds of sounds can you make with your voice? What kinds of sounds can you make with objects found around the room? Why do you think Bravo the lyrebird was a good companion for Meg?

Make a musical lyrebird to be your supporter when practising different skills! And remember to HAVE FUN!


For children to show persistence, sound and instrument awareness, fine motor skills, knowledge of animals in nature, literary analysis, skills in STEM.

Learning Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners.

Learning Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators.


Coloured and white paper

Paper cup or cardboard roll

Two pipecleaners

Bells (small to medium sized)



Black marker

Sticky tape


Needle (or something sharp for poking holes)

A handful of uncooked rice (optional)


1. Leave plain or cover your paper cup with coloured paper. We left ours white.

2. Cut three thin strips of any colour paper and curl the ends.

3. Cut each pipe cleaner in half to make four pieces in total. Thread each one onto a bell and secure.

4. With your needle (adult to do this part), at the back of your cup, make as many holes as needed for attaching feathers and pipe cleaners. Poke them through and sticky tape the ends on the inside. Also stick on the white strips in between, in any sort of arrangement.

5. Add two more holes, one on each side, for smaller wing feathers to attach. Stick the ends down on the inside of the cup.

6. Draw and cut out a beak, two feet and eyes (may use joggle eyes if preferred).

7. Glue the body parts on the cup accordingly.

8. Your lyrebird puppet is now ready to jingle!

Optional: For extra sound, complete the following steps.

9. Trace around the cup onto a piece of paper and cut out.

10. Tip the rice into the cup, and sticky tape your circle onto the bottom edge, making sure it is secure and there are no gaps.

11. Now make some noise! Tingle, jingle, shake and drum! A multi-purpose instrument!

Watch the instructional video and live action lyrebird play!

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