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We are thrilled to welcome back Penny Macoun, returning after her previous campaign with Gorkle. Now introducing her latest picture book title, Rollo’s Wet Surprise, a fun and compassionate tale about an overly inquisitive pup who needs to learn a thing or two about pool safety! But first, let’s get to know more about Penny’s favourite things to do with dogs and water! Thanks for diving in with us! 🙂

About the Author

Penny Macoun was born in Sydney, Australia. She has been writing since 1993 when her story about a funnel web spider was printed in a school newsletter. Ever since, Penny has loved the ‘other worlds’ that words create, and hopes to continue to create these worlds for many years to come. Rollo’s Wet Surprise is her second book. When she is not writing, teaching or editing, Penny dabbles in various forms of visual arts and enjoys being in the garden.

We are thrilled to celebrate the release of Rollo’s Wet Surprise, with illustrations by Paul Nash, published by Penny Macoun.

Please follow Penny Macoun at her website: https://www.pennymacoun.com.au/

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About the Illustrator

Working in the field of Illustration has taken Paul Nash all over the world, working in London, and Dublin. Now back to his home in Melbourne.
He has broadened his artistic talents over the many years by delving into the world of children’s picture book illustration. Paul brings stories to life with his vibrant, colourful illustrations, and creates wondrous creatures and worlds for characters to inhabit, for authors home and abroad.

Find out more about Paul Nash and his art at his website: https://www.nashyart.com/

Find out where to purchase your copy of Rollo’s Wet Surprise through: Penny Macoun | Booktopia

Penny Macoun share her favourites…

Join us as we create a SPLASH with Penny Macoun and her lively picture book, Rollo’s Wet Surprise, across the blogosphere and at the following media sources…

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2 thoughts to “Penny Macoun Creates a SPLASH!

  • Norah

    Rollo is a very cute pup. I love the ‘What’s your favourite..? questionnaire and presentation.

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thanks so much, Norah! Penny will be delighted with your comments! 🙂


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