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It is with much delight that Just Write For Kids and Books On Tour PR & Marketing present this adorable yet profoundly valuable set of books for young children, teeming with characters that aim to engage and role model important life values and skills. The clever duo behind the Ginnie & Pinney series is award-winning author and animator, Penny Harris, and talented illustrator, Winnie Zhou. I’m sure you’ll find their inspirations and process fascinating, and their books a must-have for your home and early learning setting. Let the fun and games begin! 

About the books

A delightful series featuring Ginnie and Pinney and their friends.  Their daily social interactions, concerns and decisions pose dilemmas that model positive self-identity and behaviours: selflessness, persistence, sharing, inclusiveness, responsibility, accepting difference and learning to say sorry.

Ginnie & Pinney Learn & Grow was selected by the Finnish Educational Organisation, HundrEd, as one of the most innovative educational programs for 2019 out of 37 countries and also selected by the Victorian Department of Education and Training as a recommended resource for 2020 for their School Readiness Funding program.
Visit Ginnie & Pinney at the website: https://www.ginnieandpinney.com.au/

Learn more about the Ginnie & Pinney ‘Learn and Grow’ series in the official book trailer… 

Penny HarrisAbout the Author

Penny Harris is a multi-national and international award-winning animator, author and multi-media developer. She has worked with the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, Film Victoria as well as a number of Australian universities and institutions.

Ginnie & Pinney came about when Penny Harris was lecturing at Monash University and Winnie Zhou, her student,  was undertaking her Masters Degree in Digital Media. Penny fell in love with the whimsical characters Winnie created that were eventually to become the group of quirky and  irascible Ginnie & Pinney characters.


About the Illustrator

Winnie Zhou has a Masters of Multimedia Design from Monash University and is a talented illustrator and multimedia developer. Winnie lives in Melbourne and has worked closely with Penny to develop the series.



Want to know more about this innovative series? Watch to find out…

Ginnie & Pinney is published by Big Sky Publishing.

Discover the story behind the Ginnie & Pinney stories with Penny Harris and Winnie Zhou, with special appearances at the following media sources…

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