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How to Make an Underwater Snow Globe

Besides Ori the octopus and his friends in Ori’s Christmas, what other creatures, plants and marine life can be found under the sea? What kinds of Christmas activities did the sea friends enjoy in the story? How do you like to celebrate being with friends and family on Christmas Day? 

Create your own underwater themed snow globe representing some of your favourite creatures, activities and decorations. What materials can you find for coral, glittering fish or Christmassy items?

Watch the video tutorial…

Outcomes – for ages 2 – 6 years old.

Learning Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners.

Learning Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators.

Science: Investigate items that float and sink.



Plastic or glass jar with wide lid

Water to fill the jar

Plastic toys and ribbon

Glitter, confetti and other jewels / glitter Pom poms for floating decorations

Sticky tape, blue tak (or hot glue if necessary)

Coloured food dye (optional)


1. Use the sticky tape to stick down the ‘coral’. Attach the creatures and plastic decorative toys in and around the coral with blue tak. If this is not strong enough, consider using a hot glue gun.

2. Fill the jar with water almost to the top.

3. Optional: add one or two drops of food dye.

4. Add your glitter, confetti and craft items to float in the water.

5. Carefully turn the lid and attached toys upside down and close tightly to the top of the jar.

6. Flip your snow globe upright and upside down to loosen the glitter and watch your scene come to life!

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  • Debra Tidball

    You are just so clever! This is great 🙂

    • Just Write For Kids

      It’s very simple, really! Fun to make and play with! Thanks Debra! 🙂 x


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