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Re-used Recycling with Plastic Bag Jellyfish

In Ori’s Clean-Up, the focus is on encouraging the different ways in which we can manage our rubbish to best help the environment. Rather than throwing away our used packaging, it’s better to re-use or recycle them.  This two-part activity will help children reflect upon and understand the effect on nature and ways they can actively contribute to saving the planet. And its fun, too! 🐙

Ages: 4 – 8 years


Part 1 –

Brainstorm ideas and use everyday language about waste management and recycling.

Consider the environmental footprint and ways to combat the increasing amount of waste.

Part 2 –

Find household items that can be re-used.

Use fine motor skills in cutting and tying.

Engage in scientific knowledge of items that float.



Why it is important to clean up? What would happen to our environment and our animals if there was rubbish everywhere?

What does recycling mean? What happens to our rubbish when it is recycled? What does this symbol on packaging mean? ♻

What are some other words about recycling that you can think of? Using the chart, can you think of different ways and items you could manage to Re-use, Recycle, Reduce, Compost (and Donate)?

How do real jellyfish float?

Materials (Part 1: Recycle Chart):

Download the Clean Up Sorting Activity.

Materials (Part 2: Plastic Bag Jellyfish Craft):

Small white or clear plastic bag

Empty plastic bottle


Small piece of string

Food colouring



Watch the instructional video, or follow the directions below…

1. Lay the bag out flat and cut off the handles.

2. Cut around the edges of the bag to make two pieces. Discard of one by placing it in your soft plastics recycling bin!

3. Find the middle of the bag and hold it around your fingers. Tie a loose knot with the string about 4-5cm down to make a jellyfish head.

4. Cut the bag below the head all around into thin strips. Make sure the ‘tentacles’ are shorter than the length of your bottle.

5. Turn the jellyfish over to reveal the opening to the head. Fill with water and tie the string closed.

6. Fill your bottle with water almost to the top. Add a drop of food colouring for effect.

7. Push your jellyfish into the bottle and close the lid tight.

8. Watch your jellyfish float up and down as you turn the bottle over and over! 🦑

For more educational activities on Ori the Octopus, go to Anne’s Activity Page and the Ori Pinterest Board.

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Craft idea by pbs parents.

Head over to the In Their Own Write blog by Teena Raffa-Mulligan for a fascinating interview with Anne Donnelly!

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3 thoughts to “Ori’s Clean-Up Activity: Recycled Plastic Bag Jellyfish

  • Norah

    It’s good to teach children about ways in which to care for the environment. We all need to try to do a little bit more.

    • Just Write For Kids

      Absolutely! Taking care of the environment can be fun, too! Thanks, Norah! 🙂

      • Norah

        You’re welcome, Romi.


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