Bubbles and Puddles, Michelle Wanasundera (author), Thana-one Yazawa (llustrator.), Lilly Pilly Publishing, 2017

“These are perfect stories to read before I go to sleep.”

These were the words my 7-year-old son spoke after I read him the first page-long story in Bubbles and Puddles, a collection of delightfully eclectic rhyming stories, covering a diverse range of subjects.

Described by the author as narratives celebrating all the things little ones love, while nurturing a love of nature and the beauty of living in the moment, reading Bubbles and Puddles is a simply joyful experience.

From finding happiness and managing worries, to languages and culture, the stories in Bubbles and Puddles open the door to a wondrous array of conversations to share with your child.

Author Michelle Wanasundera uses beautiful prose, evoking a sense of mystic joy as the words dance off your tongue.

The delightful narratives are accompanied by unique and colourful illustrations that have a magical, almost psychedelic feel to them.

My son hit the nail on the head with his observation that Bubbles and Puddles is perfect for your bedtime storytelling ritual.

It’s lovely to select one (or more) of the numerous poetic narratives throughout the book to enjoy on a particular night.

The stories are a pleasure to listen to of course, but equally as enjoyable for the person reading them out loud.

At the end of the book, Wanasundera has included an explanation of each of the stories, discussing the meanings behind them, along with her reasons for writing them.

These descriptions provide a fantastic opportunity to parents to discuss the important topics covered within the book.

Review by Nicole Madigan.

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