Author-illustrators! Would you like to be a part of a wildly wonderful and beautifully-crafted anthology that encapsulates the complete joy of our land… and gives back to the community?

We’re looking to view Australia through a colourful lens of diversity – from our stunning landscapes to our iconic parts of nature, a unified community of culture and social connectedness. We want our country’s uniqueness to come alive in this fantastic compendium – that encapsulates YOU!

‘Show’ us the beauty of Australia from your heart.

The Panel of Judges

It is with great honour to have the support of these incredible experts in the final production of this project. With many thanks to:

Jennifer Sharp of Daisy Lane Publishing for the editorial work and publishing of the anthology.

Mary Anastasiou of Larrikin House and Imagine Creative for judging and creative design services.

Tannya Harricks, award-winning artist and illustrator for judging and consulting assistance.

*Banner image supplied by Tannya Harricks, illustration from The Heartbeat of the Land by Cathy Freeman and Coral Vass, published by Larrikin House.

Please find more information about our wonderful panel members and some FAQs at our Anthology Competition page.

What we aim to achieve:

  • To produce a full colour, illustrated book showcasing a range of visual / aesthetic perspectives, artistic techniques and writing styles, including our social, cultural and environmental diversity.
  • To showcase our own author-illustrators and enable their voices to be heard and talents to be seen and appreciated.
  • To give back to the community through a percentage of profits and book copies being donated to a charity. We’ve chosen the Indigenous Literacy Foundation*.

‘Literacy provides a fundamental step of building context, comprehension and understanding, whether it is written, visual or auditory. For kids who miss that foundational step in their literacy journey, it has a lifelong impact. 

In remote Communities across Australia there is often no infrastructure such as libraries or bookstores. Access to reading material is extremely limited and this impacts the achievements of Indigenous children.’ (Indigenous Literacy Foundation)

Our projected outcome:

The anthology will be produced in landscape orientation with hard cover, estimated 32 pages. Printed in Australia. Published by December 2023 TBC.

Competition Guidelines:

Open to aspiring, emerging and accomplished Australian* authorstrators (author – illustrator) from ages 18 to 108.

*Must have an Australian postal address.

OPEN: June 1st, 2023

CLOSING: July 31st, 2023 August 14th, 2023

There are TWO components you will need to enter:

  1. Illustration component

Your entry should incorporate one of each of the following categories:

Category 1: Select your base colour/s or colour scheme

  • Pinks or pinks / purples
  • Purples
  • Blues or blues / greens
  • Greens
  • Yellows / oranges
  • Oranges / reds
  • Browns
  • Black / White with pop of colour

N.B. The colour scheme selected is your base / most dominant colour, you may add secondary / tertiary colours for finer details.

Category 2: Select your topic

  • Native flora and fauna
  • Landscapes / landmarks
  • Environmental considerations
  • Social celebrations
  • People – culture / tradition
  • Art / Design

N.B. The topic selected should represent positive / hopeful aspects and be in line with the Australiana theme. Some topics may overlap (eg. animals in their habitat).

2. Written component

Please write up to 50 words only.

This component includes a statement about what your illustration represents, or what it means to you. It should reflect an emotive / poetic / lyrical quality about it. This can be heartfelt or humorous, written for readers from age four to twelve (and beyond).

Examples from What’s Your Favorite Color by Eric Carle and friends:

Crimson red is my favorite color because it is the color of the crimson rosella, a parrot found in southeastern Australia, where I live.” – Marc Martin

“Brown is the color of my old neighborhood in the Bronx. I love to watch the buildings, the people, and the number 6 train weaving in and out of the afternoon sunlight.’ – William Low

N.B. Please ensure writing is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Writing may be edited at the final discretion of the editor.

Your final submission

Please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your submission:

  • Illustrations need to comply with the following specifications:

Trim size: 22 inch L x 8.5 inch W (double page spread of a 11′ x 8.5′ landscape book size) or 560mm x 216mm (please add 10mm extra for bleed margins)

330dpi high resolution jpg

Colours CMYK.

We may contact you should changes be necessary.

  • Illustrations need to leave room for text – DO NOT include your text on your illustration. Simply leave a space.
  • Illustrations need a full bleed edge to edge – please be aware of margins (add 10mm extra to trim size). DO NOT place defining features in the middle of the piece.
  • You may include your signature on the illustration, as long as it’s small and unobtrusive. This can also be added later in final production.
  • Illustration files and word files need to be submitted as separate files, each titled with your name and title of work.
  • Word files need to be saved as either .doc, .docx, or .pdf.
  • You can enter up to TWO entries (separately), but all works must be original and not already published elsewhere.
  • We will only accept ONE written piece to accompany your illustration for each entry.

The judging selection

  • The illustration component and written component will be judged as a whole unit; however, more emphasis will be given to the illustration.
  • The illustration will be judged on its ability to evoke a feeling / message and artistic techniques based on use of colour, line, texture, perspective, and composition.
  • Judging will take place throughout August, with selected contributors notified via social media and email in September (TBC).
  • Those accepted will be based on judges’ discretion to fit the overall style of the anthology collection. No further discussion will be entered into. You must agree that written components may be edited, at no cost to the writer.
  • Accepted pieces will be included in the anthology for printing and distribution.

The overall winning prize

  • One illustration will be selected to grace the front and back cover of the printed anthology.
  • This artist will receive FOUR complementary copies.
  • This artist will receive a complementary publicity and marketing plan.

The finer details and other prizes

  • Contributors retain full copyright of their work.
  • Contributors will receive two complementary copies of the anthology once published, plus their chosen number of additional copies at cost price for on-selling.
  • Contributors will have their name, short biography and website included in the index of the anthology, as well as on the Just Write For Kids Australia website.
  • ALL entries will receive a certificate of participation, discount book voucher and merchandise and will be displayed and acknowledged on the Just Write For Kids Australia website gallery and social pages.
  • A contract, prepared by Jennifer Sharp of Daisy Lane Publishing, will need to be signed upon agreement of acceptance.

Anthology Publicity and Marketing Plan

  • Promoted and sold via Just Write For Kids Australia, schools, bookshops, national museums, gift shops and other relevant organisations.
  • Promoted via email and social media marketing to fellow creators and children’s publishers, parents and educators.
  • Invited for reviews and feature posts at leading children’s literature websites and other relevant associations.
  • Artists invited to feature on guest blogs and podcasts.
  • Artists and associates to promote and sell through their own channels.

Entry Details

$35 per entry.

Please submit payment and details for entry via the TryBooking link.

Once received, we will send you a link to drop your files into a dedicated Google Drive folder.

You will need to attach TWO files into your folder:

  • Illustration as .jpg, saved as your name + title
  • Written word document .doc or PDF, saved as your name + title

(Please make sure the file names are the same)

Any questions or issues should be emailed to

*About The Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Reading Opens Doors to future opportunities and choices.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) is a national charity working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remote Communities across Australia. They are Community-led, responding to requests from remote Communities for culturally relevant books, including early learning board books, resources, and programs to support Communities to create and publish their stories in languages of their choice.

Just Write For Kids Australia acknowledges First Nations peoples and recognises their continuous connection to Country, community and culture. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and honour the sharing of traditional stories passed down through generations.

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